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Moving House...help...!?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Geordielass, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm gonna be moving appartments on 18th March (middle of Commonwealth games - yes I know I'm a fool) :grin: from South Yarra to Williamstown and as my only mode of transport is my bike I'm interested to know if anyone knows of somewhere cheap to hire a van - or a cheap but good removalist....??? I just started lookin at the prices are startin to freak me out...

    Please help :oops:

  2. Couple of slabs of beer would cover it i would thought. :grin:

    Hopefully someone can help you out, I would but already have plans. Kids on school holidays :(
  3. I used to help my dad who was a furniture removalist (for like 18 years off and on :) ) so I do all the moving myself. It costs about ~$130 to book a van from memory. I've moved about 12/13 times and have it down to a fine art. Takes about 2-3 hrs all up to pack the van, drive to destination and unpack :)

    Apartments could be harder due to possible floors/stairs/small area. Give me a PM and I might be able to help, it all depends, this is a BUSY time of year for me..
  4. Cheers mate... :grin:

    Guess a couple of slabs of beer could be on offer if there was option of someone with a van able to help me out.... :grin:

    I swear I couldnt have picked a worse weekend to move...might even be roads closed by my current flat for the bike race or marathon or whateva hehe...

    Fingers crossed someone can point me in the right direction...
  5. I'd help out with the van but my dad retired a while ago and sold his, hence why I hire my own for the day each time.
  6. Thats ok...is the $130 for the van the cost of hiring for the day....??? Thats not too bad...I'm sure my mates would pitch in and help with the loading and unloading etc....
  7. i have a HR licence,so if u want to hire the truck i can drive it for u.
  8. Cheers GMan....could be a plan...undii is checking out if he's free but I'll probs still give ya a shout if thats ok....could be a case of as many hands on deck as possible...

    I'll get my ass into gear and get a bit organised and then get in touch if thats ok...???
  9. Hey GL, you know Mel and I would help but we're going to be away at that point :cry: . I hope it goes smoothly and I'm looking forward to seeing the new place. Good onya for joining the Westside, its the Bestside :LOL: :grin:
  10. Cheers honey...you guys rock.... :grin: :grin: :grin:

    You and Mel well and truly deserve a break away...I'm sure I'll be champion.... :grin:
  11. Just did a test on who I normally use (budget) to hire the truck.

    Base Rate (0 day 7 hours)
    $169.40 per 1Dy, 100 Kms per rental included, $0.275 per Km

    Additional Charges and Discounts

    Veh Reg Recovery Fee $4.80

    Stamp Duty & Admin Fees $3.91


    ESTIMATED COST (0 day 7 hours) $178.11

    The revised estimated cost is $216.61
    Type of vehicle
    4.2M LENGTH, 2M WIDTH, 2 TONNE (Group F)

    Additional Equipment (charges apply)
    Hand Trolley
    Hydraulic Lift

    Must be (a lot more than I usually pay) because of the late booking time (I usually book a month ahead). From what you told me in PM, everything will fit into that. You don't need a special truck licence to drive a 2 tonner. If you can find someone with a truck, it'll be a LOT easier + quicker. I guess it all depends on your budget + luck finding someone with a truck?

  12. i've just used minimovers to move us, they were carefull and got the job done but damn there expensive.
    i wont use overpriced minimovers again, there are plenty others out there just as good and half the price.
  13. Yeah, a mate had seen an ad for minimovers and I checked out the web and it was $148 per hour or something....I've heard they're good but expensive...

    Cheers for looking into that for me undii....at least if i have a rough idea of what its gonna be i can make sure i have the $$$s...fingers crossed I can hunt someone down with a truck....
  14. OMG...am calling around to see if anyone got a truck available and looks like most of em are booked out for that weekend....

    Does anyone know of anyone who hires trucks at a reasonable cost....???