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Moving from UK to Melbourne - any advice gratefully received

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Honeymonster, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. I am currently racing in the UK and was looking at carrying on in some form when I get to Melbourne, despite my wife telling me I am too old...
    How difficult would it be to bring my current race bike over CBR1000RR (I am lead to believe that the red tape is a big problem)
    What club racing is going on currently in Victoria that I could use the bike.
    Any other info would be appreciated

  2. Greetings and I hope you find us Aussies a friendly bunch :)

    Without know much about your bike, yes you could import it here, I don't know if it is worth the effort or if it will be eligible to be used in the race series. From the sounds of it, you would be in superstock class.

    Start at this website and don't try to make too much sense of it :shock:


    You'll need to get a race license through Motorcycling Australia, and you can get that by joining a club like one below:


    or another one called redline

    That's about the limit of my knowledge, but go racing, meet a whole new bunch of people and have fun :)
  3. Easy to organise. Just get yourself and your bike over here.
  4. Preston is the best club, I raced with them for 2yrs before I moved north.

    Your bike just has to be race worthy, red tape here is the same as in Blighty.

    Get your MA licence (you need to be a member of a club - Preston) and have a road licence (if you want to avoid a practical test). The MA licence is more a procedural test and if you can read, you can pass.

    The Superbike class at the club level is great, some really great people, of different skill levels. Even at an interclub event you'll occasionally find a national series racer, setting up or still having fun competing at the local level. As well as the national series (which you can enter with your MA licence), there are also state based championships. Normally well attended, the competition at these steps up a level.

    Best thing about the Victorian scene is the Hughie Hoare race around the Spring time. Held at Broadford (Motorcycling Vic's own track) it's a weekend event with a 45 minute + 1 lap event. Cam Donald competed in it last year. Fantastic event, amazing people.
  5. Thanks guys, any idea how you go about bringing the bike in? or where I could get some info, I can only seem to find info on 'road' vehicles?
  6. How are you other items coming across?
  7. Apparently the process of importing vehicles is a disaster - ok so now a new question.... where do I look for race and road bikes to buy is E-bay the answer or is there a racers forum??
  8. A disaster?
    I'd have a gander at your Motorcycle News magazine over there, and find a shipping company. I am sure your furniture would be coming via boat aswell.

    assuming you have furniture your bringing! when i was in glighty 6 years ago was quoted 3k pounds to ship an MG-A(partially restored, was an unfinished project i came accross), bike should be cheaper.
  9. i can't help with the racing part :p (as much as id liket o be able to!)

    but my neighbour got a corvette shipped from the states i believe. im afraid im not sure what shipping companies to look up though :p
  10. There are bike freighting companies, if you do a google search they will show the shipping companies.

    The other way you could do it is to see if your freight ocmpany that is moving your furniture will move the bike if you crate it yourself. You then still have to sort out all customs issues.

    If you wanted to buy a bike locally, yes ebay (search ebay.com.au not ebay.co.uk :) ) will have a few bikes, search the formula extreme website as there will be people selling their bikes on that, also possibly auctions if you don't ever plan to register the bike as a road bike (pickles and mannheim fowles). The best way is to get out ot a few race meets and there will always be someone who is thinking of selling and you may get a good bargain.
  11. Importing a vehicle for road use would be, I imagine, a disaster. But importing a vehicle for racing is totally different as it won't have to comply with normal ADR requirements.

    Check with one of the many shipping companies who specialise in this thing. You need to check import duties and other requirements, but I'd certainly do more checking before you give up. As you know, the time and effort you put into your race bike are never repaid when you come to sell.

    Buying a race bike over here is the same as the UK. There are various websites, but I wouldn't use eBay. Go to a club meet and someone is always selling a bike.

    Up to you, but I'd check the import rules out fully before you give up.
  12. perhaps you might just wanna think of getting a bike here?

    You can buy a write off from auctions. and get it fixed up.
    Thats another options
  13. But that involves selling a bike in probably the most depressed economy in Western Europe. The investment on making a race bike good is never recouped when you sell it and you have to repeat the same effort the next time. It shouldn't cost that much to ship a bike via a slow boat.
  14. I haven't imported bikes but I have imported (old) cars from UK, as part of a group buy, in the past. It's not really that hard, but it can be slow.

    If you don't need to get an Australian compliance plate to road register it, the bike should be a straightforward proposition. It gets complicated with late model vehicles because the official importers pay a lot of money to get vehicles type-approved and the government protects that investment by not allowing other people to attach that compliance plate. No rego, no problem but you will probably have to talk through this with the customs and import people and they can be a bit slow on the uptake :LOL:

    Better to do this before the bike arrives. It will help if arrives with your domestic goods as it then doesn't look like a business import. There will be fees, in any case.

    I have had huge problems with shipping companies, in my case at the UK end. Try to track exactly where and when the bike is loaded, onto which boat, and where the boat stops along the way. Don't wait for them to knock on your door with the goods - they never do. You have to chase it every step of the way and that applies to all of your possessions. If they can't guarantee tracking information find another shipping company.

    Good luck. There'll be a cold beer waiting for you when you get here :grin:
  15. When I came here in 96, I was told all sorts of horror stories about shipping companies. Luckily, at the time, I was married to a very very patient woman who calmly contacted them each day to determine where things were. Very polite, never hassling, always wanting to know what we could do to make things happen smoothly. To our surprise, everything turned up (shipped items) within 6 weeks, nothing broken and nothing lost. A friend who had, shall we say, a slightly more aggressive demeanour, had items broken, the shipment was delayed and the service was awful.
  16. I gave up on shipping and left my bike in a friend's garage in the UK. I'll go back and tour later in the year or next year to get some more value out of it. :)

    Might be slightly cheaper for a race only bike though: but a road bike was a killer. 10% GST on the purchase price, plus a tonne of fees getting through customs/docks etc.
  17. I've never imported nowt, but if it's just a race bike that will never see the road, I can't imagine it would be any problem. You may have to do some sort of declaration that it will not be registered, but I'm not sure.

    You could check with VicRoads (www.vicroads.vic.gov.au), the department that manages registration, licensing, etc in Victoria. There's a "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. It's a government department, so allow some time for the response...