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Moving from Uk - some more dumb questions

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Honeymonster, May 28, 2009.

  1. How much do leathers and helmets cost down under... in the UK a decent set of leathers will cost in the region of $1400 with a racer discount, with helmets we can get Arais for $700 for the top spec... should I buy a spare before travelling?

    Do you have hein gericke in melbourne?
    Where do you get your race tyres from?

    Can I use UK helmets in Aus - or do you have your own standards system?

    Any help gratefully received as always

    Looks like I will be arriving mid August!!!!!! Not long now!
  2. you talkin aus $ or pounds
    depends on were you buy
    costs range from good to pricey
    I've found buying offshore is alot cheaper than here
  3. We have everything that you have, including our own Helmet certification system.
  4. I am talking aus$...
    The reason I ask about the certification is that in the UK the ACU won't let you race without an ACU sticker on your lid! - So if for instance you buy it in USA and it doesnt have the ACU sticker (even though it is known - arai etc) then you can't use it!!!
  5. Same happens here.
  6. Yep, helmets need to have the special Aussie sticker on them to make them road legal. Buy a new helmet over here or you probably won't (making an assumption here) be covered in the even of an off...

    Leathers etc. - Aussie dollar is about 2 to the pound right now. Means your buying power increases overseas, but you do have shipping costs. You can get leather suits from about $1,400 bucks. Do a quick search on here or try
    http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lang=en-us&target=d287.html&lmd=39960.661296 (yep, I like berik's!)



    Should give you an idea. Specials mean you'll be able to get another 10% off, but it's not as cut-throat as the US/UK market. I bought some of my gear online from the US and UK, but got my AGV Ti-Tech and Suomy 1R in Aus for the helmet standards reasons.

    Enjoy the move over here Honeymonster - we arrived with nothing more than the bags we could carry and are doing ok 3yrs in (and about to do it all over again).
  7. To move here from England, you need to steal a loaf of bread. Cheap passage
  8. Unfortunately...

    Leave your helmets behind. They'll be no use here.

    A lot of motorcycle equipment is quite expensive here, as one distributer typically has a stranglehold on a particular product.
  9. bring everything cept helmets.

    quick question, do helmets need aus certification on track as well?
  10. Yep, they do.
  11. Think you'll find that's how you'll get deported back here MVRog! :LOL: Or maybe it's only the barmats...
  12. That only applies to scrags in thailand. if she had agreed to hock her bits, for a few years, we would have never heard of her.
  13. Thanks fro the help guys and gals - much appreciated
  14. British "kite marked" (BS6658) helmets can used in any MA sanctioned competition event in any state of Australia as they will comply with F.I.M. regs.

    Ironically they are illegal for road use in all states.