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Moving from the UK to Melbourne - HELLO!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jenn, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hello from the UK!!

    I'm moving to Melbourne in August to set up the Asia/Pacific arm of our company.

    I'm taking my bike test in 2 weeks and hope to be able to keep up my riding in Australia (somehow) I was looking to get a GS650F/ER-6 when i passed but now i'm moving to Oz my plans have changed slightly!

    Would be great to get to know some people on here and get some advice.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :)


  2. Hey Jenn, welcome!

    You'll enjoy Melbourne - great city, great people, great lifestyle, great (most of the time) weather & great roads close by.

  3. Welcome Jen, You'll love the country and riding. Just be prepared for frustration at how different drivers are here compared to the UK. Mainly courtesy and moving left ](*,) . Once your used to that you'll be fine :eek:hno:
  4. welcome Jenn, you made the right choice

    watch out for those Sydney siders.....
  5. grr, Sydney riders don't go down to Victoria, we prefer a bit of freedom on our roads :LOL:

    Jenn, welcome to Netrider, and welcome in advance to Australia.

    One thing you WILL notice is distances; here you can travel the distance between Lands End and John O'Groats and still be in the same state!!
  6. I'm a BritCit (been here long enough to not be but that's another matter lol) and I can back up Hornet's comment with the story of my father who having driven tour buses in Scotland almost wigged out at having to drive 45 minutes to get to another suburb of Melbourne. "That's a cut lunch and thermos trip, that is!" Thankfully I'm not like him as I (should) have an hour one way commute to work lmao.

    One last thing, don't believe a single word anyone has to say about Melbourne getting more rain than Sydney - I've seen more rain in the past month up here than I saw in the decade before when I lived in Melbourne :eek:
  7. Welcome Jenn... look up the Melbourne crew when you hit town.
  8. you doing the direct access test in the uk? Full license straight away? I wouldnt know how the other one would transfer hehe.

    Good luck with that, and good luck with the move. I loathed my flight over, thankgod for the free bar is all I can say! :D
  9. If you have the budget/room, bring your own bike: it'll be a lot cheaper than the local prices :eek:

    Get your licence before you leave, validation will be easier than arriving without a rider's licence.

    And get used to decent coffee, long rides, and more than 2 days of summer ;)
  10. OTOH, bikes don't depreciate as fast in Oz, so if you buy local, you won't lose too much when you sell.

    Enjoy your stay, just watch out for the rozzers.:wink:
  11. I hope you enjoy your stay in Australia, welcome in advanced to our great country and welcome to riding!
  12. You will be astounded at how cheap petrol and insurance are.
  13. Hi Jenn, you'll love Melbourne. I moved here in 1999 from Liverpool and there's no way on earth I'd go back. (Eh eh calm down calm down)If you need some bike advice when you get out here give me a ring at the shop (link) and I'll take you bike shopping.
  14. Ooo you're a scouser!
    Red or a blue though? I used to live in Skem when I was a kid. I'm a red all the way through hehe.
  15. welcome. Lots of poms here so you won't be lonely (unless that's what you're escaping).

    I suggest you have a look around the VicRoads website before you come to familiarise yourself with what you're letting yourself in for. As long as you are on a temporary visa you can continue to drive and ride on your UK license so you might want to consider that. If you apply for a Vic license it's very easy but you might find you are on restrictions. Vic runs a LAMS system but I don't thing the GS650 or ER-6 are on it. not sure if you are restriced to LAMS if you keep the UK license though.
  16. WOOLYBACK!!!!!! It's a long time since I've used that word :grin:

    There's only 2 real football teams in Liverpool. Ones Liverpool FC and the other is Liverpool FC reserves.
  17. bloody hell there's a lot of ex pat pommie buggers on here..

    me included ..


    You will love the riding in Oz, but watch out for Victoria's equivalent to the bloody Gatso, there a real money maker down here.
  18. Right answer!!! =D>
  19. um news flash, if your not a wog your a pom in this country, bloody convicts :D

    Well your 1st mistake is your moving to Melboring, if you dont die from boredom the cops will shoot you, have fun with that :)
  20. Welcome, not worth bringing your bike because you won't have owned it long enough and you are not arriving as a permanent resident. Not sure of the time but if you have owned it for a short period (<12 months) it is seen as importing for financial benefit and attracts a heavy Excise.

    Importing Personal Vehicles