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ACT Moving from QLD with RE licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Malcolm Chalmers, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Here's the deal, I have an QLD open car licence, held it for many, many years.
    I also have an RE bike licence, which I've had for more than 12 months.

    I'm moving to Canberra soon and am wondering what will happen to my RE licence.
    Any know from experience ?

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    Interstate Driver Licence

    If you already have a licence (other than a learner licence) from any Australian state or territory, you can exchange it for an ACT licence free of charge at any Canberra Connect Shopfront or the Civic Driver Licence Service. You will need to provide proof of identity and residency and produce your existing licence.

    The ACT licence is issued to the expiry date of the interstate licence up to a maximum of five years. Thereafter renewals are issued to the licensee’s next birthday where the licensee’s age is divisible by 5.


    I presume RE is a probationary equivalent? As long as it's not a learner licence, they will transfer it to the equivalent in the ACT.

    Edit: From experience, make sure you check the conditions they're putting on the new card. I almost lost my open bike condition because the lady accidentally left it off. Only the lady taking the photo realised at the last moment - they take your old one off you so you have nothing to prove it once you leave.
  3. A problem you might have is that there is no direct equivalent to an RE licence in ACT. RE licence in QLD is not necessarily a provisional licence as it depends upon your car licence. Your licence might be regarded as a provisional licence in ACT as that appears to be the closest equivalent. But it may also be regarded as a full licence as you have held it for over 12 months and you have had a open car licence for more than 3 years. Best to check with ACT Road Transport Authority as they may interpret your licence differently.
  4. thanks, that's kinda what i've worked out also after some reading on their web site.
    I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  5. So which RE licence do you have? Learner or probationary? From what I can read (I only have experience with VIC and ACT licences), it appears RE only indicates that you're not a full open licence holder. So they fall into either of these two categories and you would only be transferred if you have the probationary level licence.

  6. RE licence is not a learner or probationary licence. Just means you are restricted to LAMS bikes. It also does not indicate that you don't have an open licence. An RE licence can be either provisional or open. It depends upon what your car licence is. Unlike Vic, NSW and ACT, to get a fully unrestricted licence, you need to do an R licence Q Ride assessment. If you choose not to, then you just remain on RE licence.
  7. Actually sounds like a good way to run the system, IMO. Plenty of working power in LAMS bikes these days.
    My comment still stands, though; if it's not a learner licence, then it will be transferred.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say RE probationary will be transferred to ACT probationary and RE open will be transferred to a ACT open. Since the info says the licence class gets swapped like for like and ACT does not further graduate you for larger bikes based on a test other than the Ps test, you will just lose the LAMS restriction when you transfer an open over.
    Worst case, they'll put you on Ps for a year without the need to display plates and then you'll just gain open with no restrictions. But I doubt this will happen.
    Just means you'll have to take the car to the pub instead of the bike (y)
  8. So, have you moved yet? What happened with your licence?
  9. FYI - Finally got around to grading my licence the other day.
    RE licence was up graded to and full open. :))
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  10. Congrats

    Just don't move to Victoria or they will bounce you back to an RE until you have served 3 years on it
  11. Oh damn! was just packing my bags for a move to ACT then back to Vic lol.
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