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Moving from PI to Yarraville - need help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. The girls and I are moving to Yarraville this wknd and next and need some help with moving.

    My car doesn't have a towbar and I need to keep moving costs down so if anyone has a truck, van, ute, trailer etc and is available this Fri, Sat or Sun or nxt Tues 20th, or Fri, Sun or Mon (Aus day wknd) I'd be happy to cover costs of petrol/tolls etc.

    Any help appreciated.


  2. Hey Rosie, I might have some time on Sunday to help with any muscle work you need at this end. Gimme a yell.
  3. thanks loz..will do.
  4. Depending on how things are at home I might be able to give a hand. The Vitara has a tow bar and I have a trailer. If I can't get down to help out, maybe someone (who I know of course) can call past my place and grab the Vitara and trailer to use for the day. Better mention it's a manual too :)
  5. Hey Deb...thankyou. :)
  6. Hey Rosie, my car has a towbar I also have a trailer and I just so happen to be free this weekend.

    Ive PMed you my mobile. Give me a call if you need a hand this weekend.
  7. I have a ute with a towbar, but cannot help on weekends due to work. Free Thur/Friday if its a help. or wed-Fri next week.

    edit::// can pull a large trailer
  8. I have a date with 5 others and the spirit of Tasmania :grin: Otherwise I would offer to help ;)
  9. Hey Thera. Thanks for your offer to help. I'll see how we go this wknd but if there's still a few things to be shifted then I'll let you know as I may need your help next Fri. Will see what happens with this wknd first though. :)

    Thanks again.

    Deb - if you've got either Sat or Sun free this wknd I would absolutely love to - and be relieved to - see you (and your car/trailer). :grin:

    Have a great time in Tassie Vic. :) Ride safe and have a blast.

    Loz - we'll be doing some loads to yarraville on Sat and Sun. I'll give you a call if we need muscles. :cool: