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Moving from NSW to VIC - What to do with my 400cc LAMS bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Marlon, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Hey Everybody,

    I might be moving to Melbourne in a bit over a month. Rental prices, wanting a change and my job being completely transferrable all have a place in the move.

    Now, thinking things through logically the other day, I realised that my bike is a 400cc (Soon to be a 600cc) NSW LAMS bike. From what I understand I won't be able to get anything over 250cc's if i transfer my licence down there. So, a few questions.

    Can you get any kind of exemptions? (Wishful thinking, I know)

    What are the police like down there? IE: is it worth risking riding the bike, and do the police follow through on every infringement they come across?

    How long do you have before you can transfer your licence interstate? I'm not off my P's till november - I'd be moving in April.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry fellas, I did a search, and I'm sure this has come up before, but 2572 responses was a bit too much for me to wade through. If anybody's got a link to a similar thread, point me in the right direction.
  2. If you have an address in NSW that you can leave as your address on your licence just do that and tfr it once you're off restrictions. Officially you have 3mths to tfr your licence, but if/when you get pulled over they are not to know when that was are they. So you tell them you moved a month ago.
  3. Officially you have 14 days to update your license here.
    I suggest you learn Indian and speak to someone at Vicroads about an exemption. :)
  4. I say fcuk em, just ride it. I rode a 600 through most of my restrictions in viccie without any dramas.

    Its a stupid law that i have zero respect for. Or you could sell your bike and buy a 250, either way the governments still gonna suck money out of ya :evil:
  5. It's only a fine and points but I wouldnt like to be explaining myself to a coroner. OP has to push his luck for 7 months. Up to him but I'd be talking to VR about it.
  6. Definitely worth speaking to Vic Roads about it. They can and will make exemptions depending on circumstances. Whilst my situation might not be relevant these days. back in the 80's when I transferred my license from NSW to VIC, they allowed me to transfer without restrictions despite VIC laws if applied to me would have meant I should have gone back to a 250 and displayed P's again. I know of other people in more recent times who have been granted exemptions without much trouble, but definitely at the very least ring up and ask.
  7. Nope. I tried the exemption card last month at Vicroads. No joy. According to them 250cc no exceptions.
  8. F*ck the 14 days. My license has an address I havent lived at for 5yrs.

    Marlon, as Triway said, use parents NSW address etc (so you still get correspondance);
    wait till you're on full license, then transfer to Vic if you still living here.
  9. 260cc!! :p
  10. Not sure where you get your info from but it's wrong!

  11. if you're in a "C*nty" area just be careful... thank fully, Werribee isn't all too bad, in terms of police presence, haven't been pulled up .. i haven't a num. plate on the back (unreg permit) I've past a few police cars. and go past cop shop most the time.

    If I was in your position, I'd move here, change address to VIC no more than 3 months later, than ride around on your 400cc or?? soon to be 600cc
  12. EDIT: Deleted text
  13. He's not "changing his address" on his Victorian licence, he's applying for a Victorian Licence, that's the difference. :wink:
  14. CHANGE of address is where you have a state license and you change address within that state. (14 days)

    TRANSFER of license is from one state to another (3 months)
  15. But if you still have a postal address in NSW you can always say to the police that you are visiting Victoria, so no need to change your licence until November.

    I have a friend from Western Australia that has been driving her car with WA plates o a WA licence for 4 years now here in Sydney. Everytime she gets pulled over she is just visiting the state.

  16. Yep, I got friends (yes hard to believe) who live in Wagga but keep their cars registered at his folks place here in Vic coz it's cheaper and easier than NSW reg.
  17. i had a vic licence wilst i was living in sydney for 12 months. no probs.. most people on the constuction site i was working on had a interstate lic. cause there was some deal where they would fine you but not take any points for any minor infractions... i don't know if there is any truth to any of that.
  18. You'd be crazy to change your address now, just think of the costs of selling and then buying a smaller bike, then upgrading again later!

    Just keep riding your bike with NSW plates with a NSW license until November (change your address to your folks, siblings or friends for mail).

    Change later. A friend has his car and bike registered to a Shepparton address (his parents) but lives in Brunswick, save a couple of hundred dollars a year, he has done it for the last 12 years and never had a problem. He just says he works down here sometimes ('cause he normally gets pulled over in peak hour :grin:)

    Also, you may not like Melbourne, that way you can go back north with minimum fuss!
  19. If the rego papers have LAM on them, leave it registered in NSW.

    Play ignorant

    It will be too much trouble (loophole) for the cops to bother.
  20. Due to my job I have lived in all the states and moved around between them a lot in the last 10 years or so.

    Sometimes I changed my rego and licence over...sometimes i did not. If I had a rellie or someone to put down as the adressee I usually didn't bother. At one stage had a SA licence, Vic Rego and lived in Darwin. No worries.

    I have a few mates who also travelled into lovely vic to live on their LAMS. 2 didnt mention it when changing licence...and went straight onto Full Licence. The third had an eagle eyed girl seving him at vic roads, she spotted the LAMS on his licence so he went on to restricted.

    Depends on how lucky you are I guess.

    BTW can you guess my job? :wink: