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VIC Moving from NSW, P's question!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kb1200, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. So I have been on my red motorcycle P's for around 6 months now. From my understanding I upgrade to my green P's in the middle of next year. The question is, in VIC the green P's is 3 years while in NSW it is only 2 years? Does this mean I will have to be on my green P's for 3 years even though I got my red P's in NSW?

  2. As long as you keep your nsw p's and not convert it to a Vic p's then you will be on your red p's for 2 years as per nsw rules. If you change over to Vic p's then you'll probably have to follow Vic rules and be on your reds for 3 years.

    Call vicroads on 131171 to verify with them.
  3. Are you sure the red P's/green P's rule is the same for motorbikes?
  4. Yeap. If you are 21 or older it's just green P's for 3 years. Since I will be 21 in January and I am moving to Melbourne in January I guess this means I transfer my current red P's card into the 3 year VIC one? Very confusing as the site doesn't tell you how it works if you already hold a probationary license from another state.

    If I get put on the 3 years P's from vicroads once I turn 21, that would mean I am only on my P's for 6 months longer than if I was in NSW.

    I would keep my NSW license and just change my address to a friends but wouldn't this make registration a problem when I am trying to register a bike in VIC?
  5. However, once you've had your license for a year in Vic you can ride whatever you want (still displaying the P plate though). IMHO this outweighs any extra time that you have to spend with a plate on the bike.
  6. Keep your bike registered in Vic and your license in Vic...

    Vic you don't have 3 years of LAM's and your registration fees aren't as stupidly high ($467 for a 250)
  7. WOW WHAT?! I think this is the best news I have heard all week. I don't care how long I have to spend on my P's if riding that R6 is even closer than I thought!

    I'm gonna give vic roads a call and figure out how long I can get on an unrestricted since I have had my red nsw P's for almost half a year now.
  8. Alright so they aren't open now, whoops forgot it was sunday there since I am overseas. Anyways so new question. Let's say I have had my red NSW P's for 6 months on my 21st birthday. If I transfer my license to a VIC license on my 21st birthday Which is on January, does that mean I will be able to ride a non-LAMS bike around June/July since it adds up to having my license for 1 year?
  9. No idea, but if it was my choice I'd change my license ASAP as Vicroads are debating whether to change the bike licensing system, and if you already have a Vic license your conditions will be grandfathered - the old rules will still apply.
  10. Give vicroads a ring or look at their website. it's no use asking such hard questions here as I doubt you will get the correct answer.
  11. ...And make sure you dont speed in VIC until you learn where the "Flash for Cash" sites are in your area. Think about the kittens... Just 2km's over is enough to kill one in Victoria. John Dumby doesn't like kitten killers especially while on P's, you only get 5 kills in a 12 month period on P's in VIC
  12. rofl I've been passed around on the phone to vicroads for an hour because no one can answer my question.
  13. Alright I got my answer after an hour and a half of waiting. My 6 months on red P's DOES carry over so I will be able to ride non LAMS in June. So awesome.
  14. 1.5 hours you're lucky. They usually take longer. Good news on your p's.
  15. If anyone uses this thread. If i have my green P's in NSW on 1 out of 2 years of having them. If i go to vic and change my license Will that take my on the LAMS thing or will have to wait like a year?