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Moving from a VTR250 to a CBR600RR or ZX-6RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by arvinf, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I am upgrading (early) to an '05 600RR, after riding for 6 months (yes, I know the law...!). I am scraping pegs all day long on my VTR250, and to be honest, am really over the poor power. While the VTR is an excellent handling bike, it is really a beginner bike, and does not really lend itself at all to aggresive riding!

    I am not a hoon rider, and have clocked 5k mainly on long twisty rides. I regret buying the VTR, and shoud have bought a sports. Now, I dont want to sell my bike for another 250 sports, so I have to "wing it" a little.

    I am tossing up between the Kawasaki ZX-6R (or RR) and the Honda CBR600RR. I hear the CBR600RR has more manageable power below 9,000rpm and has a lot better handling, so this may suit my lesser experience to begin with.

    If you recommend the Kawasaki please advise if you recommend the ZX-6RR over the ZX-6R model.

    Any thoughts? (except trying to discourage my decision to by a bigger bike now!)

    PS: My forum question is simply to decide between ZX-6 or CBR6; would greatly appreciate advice from those who have experienced either/or.
  2. mate of mine just bought the cbr and absolutely lovesit. He also just came off a vtr250. as for the zx6, i personally would choose it over the honda.
  3. Neither bikes are likely to put you out of your comfort zone.
    I just took the leap from an FZR250 to an FZR1000, and i'm having more issues with the raw weight of the bike as opposed to the power.

    Compared to the 250, both will be a decent upgrade... but once you've had a bit more power your likely to want more. :D :wink:
  4. You're a legend :D Good luck not getting caught.

    I had a friend who rode a GSXR750 for most of his P's and luckily never got pulled up. Just make sure you obey all the other laws while you're breaking that one.

    The ZX-6R is definetly my pick of those two.

    Have you considered waiting for the 06' R6? the new fairing and shorty exhaust look fantastic and it has great specs on paper- 17'500 rpm I beleive!

    New triumph 675cc Daytona eclipses them all too. It's the only one I'd buy (whenever it comes out).

    This shouldn't even come into the equation. You don't buy a supersport for its ease of use. A lot better handling is a definite overstatement. All four supersports are from all reports identical for 75% of riders on the track, and 99% of riders on the road.

    You sound like a confident rider, so either bike would be a good choice.
  5. firstly, you lucky lucky bastard! :)

    from what i've read the zx-6rr is specifically oriented towards the track so if you want something more road oriented stick to the 6r

    zx6r green..........ohhh baby!!
  6. If you want comfort and power forget about the 6 go for zx9r ,
  7. I was thinking about gettin a VTR250 for my first bike. but if you reckon its boring after 6 months I mind think about something else. been eyeing up the Hyosung GT250R too.
  8. If you don't intend on racing get a zx6r, not a rr. The zx6r is a faster bike because its 636cc, making it faster and a much better road bike.
  9. Hey, the VTR 250 is an all-round excellent bike. It is reliable, and feels great. If you are starting off, it is probably the most comfortable bike to develope your skills, fast.

    I am not a big fan of Hyosung; Honda has always had that special "feel" to it.

    My only suggestion is to test drive each and every single bike. I didn't get that chance cos I bought my bike before I got my L's.
  10. kols_kebabs: For the record, I don't want to set a bad example to any new riders.

    I am 29, and have had nearly 400K driving experience prior to riding. I have done 5K on my VTR in 6 months, and thats riding mainly on weekends, no commuting.

    If anyone else, especially youngsters wish to step-up to a big bike, first thing I would generally ask is "are you scraping your pegs yet"? If the answer is "no", then you have not pushed your bike to the limit yet.

    Back on the topic, I think I am leaning towards the ZX-6RR. I know the 6RR has a smaller engine, but does it have any other extra racing specs over the ZX-6R?
  11. One of my club mates picked up a Kwaka Stauffer ex race bike. He uses it on the track and it goes like the clappers. Its that time of the year, may be you could let your local dealer know and they can keep an eye out for you. :)
  12. I have an 03-04 model ZX6R....

    Ok... here is the juicy gossip

    They are both awesome.... I think they both have awesome styling....

    I test rode several of both models...

    I dont agree with your statement that the cbr has more usable power.... If anything I think the ZX6R has more...

    To tell you the truth.... I'm not going to advise you which one to get.... On any given day you could pick either.... I picked the Kawasaki because I managed to pick one up second hand, with only a few K's on it for a very nice price...

    If I had the money and could go either way I think I would still go with the kwaka now.... They are just a bit more unusual to see around, you see CBR's everywhere... and the KSRC (kawasaki sportsbike riders club) is a really fun bunch of guys....
  13. Taken from Kawasaki website.
    'Some of the features on ZX-6RR are unique to this model and not available on ZX-6R. The engine is an uprated, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, In-line four cylinder, which delivers increased performance in the higher rpm ranges. Polished intake ports, revised porting, new combustion chambers and larger exhaust valves all contribute to increased performance.

    To suit non-modified stock racing classes, the transmission features close ratios similar to those of the racing kit transmission.

    Inner fork tubes feature a TiSiCN coating to reduce sliding friction and improve fork action. There is a revised damping valve for the rear shock offering a wide range of settings for racing.

    Stronger low expansion front brake hose further improves front brake feel under hard braking.'

    It has no advantages over a zx6r, that you would be ableto feel, just a weaker engine.
  14. Yeah, the 636 (zx6r) looks identical, but has 36cc larger engine... The 6RR is the race track version.... it simply has a 599cc engine sothat it complies with race specs... That said, I have ridden both (just test rides) and they feel identical, the 636 just has a little bit more torque... Comparitive testing in superbike magazine listed the zx6r as the fastest of the "600" road bikes (they compared the ZX6R, R6, GSXR600, Daytona 600)... (not fair really, but hey... thats the market they are going for)...
  15. You cant go wrong with either a Kwaka 6 or the Honda 6
    I was riding a Kwaka ,but now I am on a CBR and just love it!! :LOL:
    anyhow it comes down to who gives you the best deal,and which one feels right for you.
    As far as Ksrc go,yes they're good bunch.Iam still there an I am riding a cbr :wink:.
    love my K's love my H 8)
  16. I think finding a difference between these bike is like splitting hairs. I have ridden a 05 600RR and I loved the thing. The suspension on it was sublime. Low down power was pretty poor, but this will always be a disadvantage of any 6. Brakes were fantastic. It was like grabbing the road with the palm of your hand the feel was that good.

    I have only heard good things about the ZX-6, and the extra 36 cc can help in the mid range which may be a small advantage on the road. But they are drop dead gorgeous in the flesh. Blue, snot green, aqua it wouldn't matter.

    Enjoy test riding everything though and I wouldn't rush your purchase.

    Could you get a run out 05 R6 and GSXR for cheap as well?
  17. That really depends on the bike. Only way the pegs can touch the ground on the 250 Kat is if the bike is dropped, and even then they only just touch. The bar ends are actually the first thing to touch the ground and can't say I'm too eager to try scraping those mid corner :shock: .
  18. you mean it's possible to scrape the pegs on a CB250???
  19. With respect to "scraping pegs":

    It was a general comment, meaning that if you are still not confident in leaning low into a corner, then you have not pushed the bike to its fullest. I mean, it is not just about straightline brute power, cos that will get old on any bike, and I would end up in a Hyabusa by the end of next year!! I mean handling the bike through twists, not off-the-lights brute power (heck, not that there is anything wrong with that!)

    I found out today that the Kwaka is very tough on parts, and difficult to find. that has swayed me towards CBR600 now. Any opinions on this?

    Also, since I am getting it through a mate, I need insurance still. He has been riding for 20 years, and has perfect riding history. What insurance should I be expecting to pay for a CBR-600?
  20. Heck, I was scraping pegs on a CB250 during my L's test. I am scraping pegs on my VTR250, although has better clearance than the CB, it is far from a sports bike like the CBR or ZX6. But, once again, VTR250 is a great bike, handles beautifully but within its limits of course.