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Moving closer to melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by katcando, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Im currently researching rental properties on the outskirts of melbourne, however im not familiar with any of the areas at all. Ive done a google search but im still left bewildered. Can anyone suggest which sites or suburbs that i can google.

  2. Move to teh island! Much better than that berloody city!
  3. Kat

    Which part of the city do you want to look at. North, East, West or South?? Roughly how far from the city do you want to be??
  4. eastish. maybe healsvilleish or closer. broadford, kinglake .i dont want to move the kids into the city were too country for that. Id have to do a halfway meet with the kids dad every fortnight and i want that ot be fairly easy.
    I cant go too upmarket but not slums either.
    Obviously I need somewhere good for business too.
  5. Lilydale is probably the further east you can go that is still Melbourne.

    Other option might be Yarra Glen.
  6. Why East? Bacchus Marsh is 40mins from the CBD and is still very country. We also, unlike the rest of Melb, have a surplus of rentals right now so it should be easy to find one that suits you and your budget.

    Just a thought? :wink:
  7. Kat,
    as much as i love the East/Sth east of the city for what you want your probably better off looking Nth or Nth east.
    especialy if you want it to be easy for ur ex to pick up the girls.

    however if you dont mind being Sth east with no traffic its only 2 1/4 hrs from Shep to Pakenham and hwy all the way
  8. Wow Woodsy it takes me 2 1/4 hrs from Box Hill and that includes me speeding.
  9. Shit sorry 2 3/4 :oops:

    gota love no traffic lights from Officer to Shep :p
  10. The West is where all the cool people live.

    People like.........umm..........ME.
  11. & me :p
  12. Hi I have lived east and south, what kind of infrastructure do you needd and where are you going to work? With these bits of info we may be able to help.

    Oh Healesville cool, a bit of hippy, country and bogan all mixed into one! Oh and the twisties are just up the road :grin:
  13. Go Lilydale, 55mins to the City by train, 45 by bike, 30mins to the Spurs, lovely wineries, cafes, some space and all for reasonable prices. Oh, and don't believe what Vic says, the coolest people live here :p
  14. Have a look at the north, around Whittlesea, or a bit closer in. More of a country feel to it (so far) than in the other directions. Also close to great bike roads and stuff.

  15. Good to know. Mrs and I are seriously considering a move closer to the Big Smoke, jus not too close..we thought Bacchus might be about right.

    40mins to CBD your say...... what about in peak hour?
  16. +1 on Ceejay. Healsville is another 30 mins approx towards the hills.You will find Healsville more country than Lilydale and as quoted,mixture of bogan,bush,burbs,and chardonay set. Its cheaper than Lilydale and in,so that always can attract a certain demographic,but there is a huge mixture of classes.Lovely place to raise kids I reckon. Got a good friend raising 3 young lads there, as we speak :grin:
  17. We were considering this but with work in port/Sth melb and regulaer trips to Bendigo etc lilydale are is just a little out of the way. Other factors not considered it'd be a great place to live
  18. Mate, in peak hour, it's 40 minutes from my place, and that's 4km from the CBD!
    ('course that's in a cage... :) )
  19. i went i looked i decided, healesville it is. lookout after october