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Moving bike against a wall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Popollo, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hi:

    I'm currently living in a unit with a single lock-up garage. As I also have a car, I'm having to angle the bike against the front wall and then literally scoot the rear of the bike against the wall by using the grab handles and a slight lift (Ninja 650). I've just got the bike back from getting some repairs and the grab handles seem to have a bit of "wiggle" in them so wondering if this isn't the best idea to get it against the wall. Anyone got any tips for getting a somewhat heavy bike into a tight spot? I've seen a product that helps with this but you need to have a centre stand for it to work. I don't want to break the grab handles off.

  2. I bought a "Murphy Moto Skate" off Facebook. They are made in Queensland and work great. Search them on Facebook.
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  3. You can balance a bike on the side stand and spin it 360 easy enough when you get the hang of it.

    Stand on the sidestand side brace against your thigh, left hand on right grip with bars turned right, right hand on rear grab handle or tail, pull towards you, balnce and spin.

    But against a wall not sure this will help.
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  4. I've got the first one attached in the link - also got it for $80 off ebay - best buy yet

    Easy to get on and off the skate and once on it's very easy to move / swivel around.

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  5. Not strictly on topic, but what a lovely garage and workspace you have.
  6. Steering more of topic - I have a thread on here somewhere on garage setups....it's changed a lot since that first picture and is still a work in progress

    Who's got the best garage / gear setup?
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  7. A picture is worth a thousand words, that loft/shelf thing has given me an idea for my shed, thanks.
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  8. I'm lucky in that i planned the garage to have a small 3 x 3 m 'extension' with a roller door. Was easy to bridge the span to 'loft' it.

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  9. Yup, check YouTube for how to do it. Real easy and you look like a fcuking rock star when you do it..... ;) . Here's one:
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  10. What you are doing wrong is putting the car in the garage.
    If you leave it out some place else, just think how many more motorbikes you could fit in the garage. ;-)
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  11. I am absolutely in the market for a wheeled board/dolly for the fatboy so this is perfect timing to have this thread posted. thanks to all those that have posted up!

    I'm sure plenty of other members would benefit from this info - should it be made into a sticky?
  12. I used to do this a lot when I rode 250cc bikes. It totally is the rock star move!
    I find it a bit harder with to do with my hefty 650cc dual sport these days.
  13. That's clever. Try it with a Ducati and watch the stand snap off.
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  14. Bit if practise to get the right tip and balance points is all, I can do it with the Shiv which is not overly light....
  15. I really like this one because of its compact size - have written to Motoslider for a bit of info, thanks for posting this up SpiritechSpiritech! (y)
  16. the other option is a rear wheel stand with built in rollers

    Swingarm Stands for Sports Bikes
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