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moving big bike by myself-help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2troo, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Hi ya! posting in this section may give me an answer b 4 I head home.. any one out there with a plan??
    I have just got my licence... I want to go home after work and take a little ride.. but... my guy has gone to a work thing for a couple of days and parked his 230kg bike infront of my little 125! Dare i move it.. how... and if it drops OMG I wont be able to get it up again :tantrum: What to do...what to do.....

  2. Might be easier to pick up your 125 :LOL:
    What sort of space do you have? Any chance you could turn yours on the stand? or do a 50 point turn? Trust me, when those big bikes start to go, they crash down hard. IF you move it, absolutely do not let it get completely upright or it might go over the other side. Keep the side stand down, lean it on your hip while you roll it, and check that the stand is still down when you ease the weight back onto it. But really, I'd do anything with your own bike first.
  3. thanks Pinkxie.. but mine is wedged behind his bike and up against the boat! :roll:
  4. Sell the boat. That'll teach him.
  5. cant sell a boat that is stuck in a shed with a big bike in front of it!! ](*,)
  6. :LOL:

    You can see if you can lift the bike off its stand to see if you even have a chance at moving it. But unless you're familiar with moving bikes around I doubt you'll manage. I still struggle with my guy's bike of about the same weight. You'll probably need his key to unlock the steering too. Either get another rider to come and do it for you, sell the boat, or wait and make him pay when he returns.

    Huh? Describe the layout of the garage for us.
  7. single garage.... boat backed in on right side if you are facing it.
    my 125 is between boat... (12inch gap) and bench on left... (12inch gap). and about halfway down the side of the boat. Big bike is diagonally parked between bench and boat... we put up the dble garage next month.... I have the key to the big bike.... and he crashed it on track day yesterday...so it is already scratched up on right hand side..... but once its down its down.. i will never pick up 230 kg of bike... even scratched!
  8. So if you could get the bike to roll and turn a little, could you leave it in front of the boat? Coz if you have to reverse it afterwards... too hard! It'll be risky enough doing it the one direction!

    I still think that if you try to lift it a little off the stand, you'll know if it's even an option. They're bl00dy heavy. Stand on its left (as if you're going to ride it), both hands on the bars to steer, hip into its side, keep it leaned toward you, kick side stand forwards with each step to make sure its still down incase you loose it towards you. But I'd still advise against moving the bike. If it goes down and you haven't got anyone there to lift it quickly it'll lose fluids, which can be bad.

    If your legs are long enough you could sit on it and waddle it around. But they really are difficult if you're not used to it.
  9. I am listening carefully to all your advice.
    I have long legs.
    Fluids? Oh dear.. I will try rolling it. I may not be able to get in to walk it as he sits on it to move it. But i have never moved his bike. i have sat on it, its very big. it could squash me. how embarrassing to die from moving a bike in a shed.. what a sight for him when he gets back! :roll: if i cant get it out then i cant ride and so i will then need advice on a suitable punishment for him.. i did ask him last night to move it....... :demon: Is reversing really that tricky? My plan was to roll it out of the shed, shift mine out, then roll his back into where mine was.
  10. When reversing any drag on the stand will actually hold it in position, which is good. It's just that the further you have to move it, the more steps you'll have to do, and so the more you'll have to balance it.

    See if you can take the weight off the stand. If you can, put it back on the stand and get a neighbour or someone to be ready to put their weight into the RHS of the bike (if it tips to the right) for while you move it. Take it slowly with no sudden moves like grabbing the front brake. Oh, and if it won't roll, he might have left it in gear, so pull the left hand lever in.

    Of course, we could always come up with some devious plans for pay back, should you decide it's not worth the risk :wink:

    Good luck! [-o<
  11. Try both moving the bike, and then punishing him =D
  12. if your tall enf, why not sit on the bike & just roll it forward with your feet on the ground, or tippy toes lol.
  13. Advertise the big bike (or boat) is for sale. When anyone comes to look ask them to move the bike.
  14. if you're inexperienced with moving bikes, I'd just leave it and make him pay when he gets home :)

    My bike is 190kg and it's like a mountain to push around sometimes
  15. :LOL: Now this is a great saga to start the week off.

    All i wanna know is did 2troo manage to move the 'big bike' & go for her ride?

    Oh yeah you're gonna have to keep us updated on other half's response when he realises his bike has been moved

  16. Well!!... with your advice in mind Pinkxie (and for that I am SO thankful)
    I got to have my first ride out in the world all by myself! :woot: It did take a bit of doing though. First I tried big bike. No way was i going to be able to get on the left of it.. it was right up against the boat... dunno how he did that! I did move it though... a whole six inches. with the stand leaving scrape marks on the concrete floor i figured THAT wasnt going to work. Then I moved away the ladder, two fire place surrounds (why did we keep those?) and worked on my 125 which was only 4 inches away from bench and boat, not the hopeful 12 i imagined! This is where your advice helped Pinkxie... inch by bloody inch and about a 60 point 'turn' and one scratch, struggling to do the inch by inch thing over two lumps of timber on the floor that i had to go over. and lifting the back end of my 132kg machine... a sweaty 45mins later... we were free!
    Took another 15 mins to attach the rotten L plate properly but dang it.. i was outta there. Wot fun, wot a fantastic feeling to just be out there. Thanks everyone for the advice, interesting as some of it was... Grey gentry got me laughin :LOL: and dont you worry tanyathecheeky... you r right, he should pay anyway! after all what guy would have coped with his chicks car locked and blocking the way for him to have his first eva ride????
  17. [​IMG]
    Oh yes she is FREE now ....

    Good to hear it was all worth the bloody effort.
    Now for pay back :-k new bike gear? Always need new bike gear.
  18. I had a similar experience on my first ride. My brother in law had parked my bike in front of my parents' car in the carport and we have a shared carport with next door so I had to get my baby off the centre-stand and around a 90 degree corner between my parents' car and next door's car with less than 2 metres space. Plus, to cap it all off, there was a cement parking block covering half the space (you know, the ones that sit in front of the cars in carparks) so I couldn't do a 50 point turn.

    I ended up putting it on the side stand, leaning it over onto the side stand and pivoting it around. My back was sore for two days. Needless to say, she was parked in front of MY car from then on.
  19. :woot: congratulations! You've sure got determination :LOL:

    Now - pay back to the boy.... I'm thinking you've saved him a lot of money by not dropping his bike :LOL: ... He owes you big time. So what do you want? Where would you like to ride together? Tell us how it goes. And well done, once again!
  20. on a relatied topic, i was riding into uni the other day, saw a girl had stopped in a stopping bay got off and the bike had fallen down. just as i pulled in to give her a hand, she lifted it up without missing a beat. keep in mind she was 5"7' and id say only about 55kg odd. the bike.... BMW F650GS!!!. thats 200 odd kilos. i think she had the technique down pat cos she did it so easily.