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Moving battery from side to under the seat

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mantom01, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently bought my first bike (2nd hand) its a honda cbf 250 -2006 model.

    I would like to move the battery to under the seat and replace the air box with a pod filter. Just to open up the rear of the bike a bit.

    Just wondering if ill need to get a new battery as currently it is in an upright position and i assume it cant work sideways?

    Will the pod filter change anything in the bike i should be concerned about?

  2. Hi Mantom01, your next post should be placed in the welcome lodge to introduce yourself properly.
    Is the battery a sealed lead acid or gel cell ?
    If it's sealed and not liquid acid (like most car batteries) then there should be no problem with mounting it on its side, so long as it is well secured and can't possibly ever short out on anything. If it's a wet acid type then you can't push them over or run them in anything other than vertical.
    Adding a pod filter may mean rejetting the carby as its going to allow a greater airflow than the standard air box.
  3. Yeah i just posted in the welcome lodge, thanks.
    The battery says nano gel on the side.

    Ohh rejetting sounds exciting. I guess when i put the pod filter on the bike ill know it needs rejetting as it will receive more air and the same amount of fuel? so it would be too lean? and struggling to turn over?(not really sure)

  4. So the battery should be gel, so no issue on laying down, but you have to bolt it in so it cannot possibly short out anywhere. Ideally in a plastic tray/case that covers all the terminals.
    If it's getting too much air for the fuel being supplied then yes it will run lean. So, no power when you throttle up.
  5. I see, thank you very much!
  6. Just remember that even AGM and GEL batteries were designed to be used in an upright position while they are able to be laid on their side. This may shorten their lifespan.