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Moving back to Melbourne from Canberra!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SLIPKNUT, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I have been a member since April 2013, but havn't really contributed to the forum much since i joined.

    I will be moving back to Melbourne within the next couple of months and thought i'll hop on the forum get to know some riders from Melbourne! (and as to how its done down there: parking/commuting etc) I have been riding for over a 15 months now - currently riding a K8 Gixxer 750, had a 2001 VTR250 before. I pretty much ride everyday except when its bucketing down... and ride out into the twisties on the weekends! so would love to tag along with some of you guys if that sort of riding groups exist?

    I have actually rented a DRZ650 over Xmas last year and did a quick ride through the SPUR! but it was cut short since my mate crashed :p i quite enjoyed it and have to say the twisties were very different to the ones am used to here in Canberra and surrounds (Cotter road, Mt Mac, Clyde Mt, Kangaroo Valley etc)

    Anyways would love to meet some new people and go for a ride or two!

  2. welcome back & welcome aboard:]
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  3. Welcome Knut, whereabouts will you be based ?
    Plenty of regular rides and gatherings that you can join in.
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  4. Hi Stever42, I'll be living with one of my mate's who lives in Eumemmerring, for about 5 months before i'll find something more permanent, and would be commuting to docklands (Collin St) every day.
  5. Thanks Justus! keen to meet you all once am down there late November!
  6. So today i thought i ll ride to work! haha wow let me tell it was just like learning to ride all over again! the Monash was scary! and then i took Toorak Rd and was stuck for about 3o mins! and then to add to all this.. i got lost in the city :( only took me 2 hours to get to work..

    Can someone please let me know if there is a better route to Collins St from Eumemmering? (without toll)