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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by P J, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just looking for a bit of help, I am going on a first date and just looking for good movies to see at the moment ?

    PS. Do you think that the old tradition of seeing a movie and then Coffee/ Cake is out of date ?

  2. First Date?
    I recommend "Bad Boy Bubbie"
    If She asks for a 2nd date after watching that, You know She REALLY likes you.
  3. +1 VCM

  4. +1 VCM
    I took my ex to see Blood Diamond on one of our first dates.

    Nothing makes 2 people fall in love quite like watching skinny black people hacking each other to death with machetes.
  5. I'm not really a fan of going to the movies for a first date. If you don't really know the person, taking him/her to the movies can be a bit awkward, and you don't really get a chance to talk to them. I prefer just going to a nice cafe with them.
  6. Depends on the cinema, I take it the crazy horse is outa the question :roll:
    Depends where you are to?As you profile dont list it. If your Melbourne based then Brunswick st got plenty of distractions in those awkward silence get to know you moments.
    Im with JP, chew :popcorn: and chat :blah: over coffee. If they cant hold up their end of the conversation than it aint worth sheeet in long run anyways.
  7. +1

    First date if you don't already know the person, then sitting through a movie together is a little awkward. More of a second or third date sort of thing. Go out for drinks or coffee. If you don't get along you have a chance to bail (+ you haven't thrown away the ridiculous amount of money they charge for movies these days :LOL: )
  8. "Mmmmm you're a good boy, Bubbie..."

    "Get off the road you little ****!"

  9. "Ya got nice tits Flo"
    " cat be dead "
  10. "there not angel tits"
  11. lol
    "be still cat!"
    "Christ, kid, you're a weirdo"
  12. Take her a chick flick film.
    Show her your sensitive side.
    ps. pretend to like it.
  13. That's called "setting a precedent".

    fcuk that.
  14. Invite us all to make sure it goes ok.
  15. and to stop her escaping
  16. You're asking a bunch of mostly male social misfit motorcyclists dating advice?
  17. nah screw that
    all u can eat buffet at pizza hut is the way to go.
  18. Take her to see Zack and Miri.
  19. Invite her to your place for an early celebration of Steak & BJ Day.
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