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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Hubie75, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Has anyone seen the movie The Worlds Fastest Indian?

    I just watched it and thought it was awsome. I havent see a better bike movie yet. What do you reckon and can you name some other goodies?


  2. Its a shame you were not on NR about 18 months ago. It was talked about here for months!

    My lemons have never tasted better :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Top movie!

    Even girlfriend liked it.
    I dunno how good his homemade pistons could have been though :shock:
  4. he got an unofficial 205mph on it so i reckon his pistons would have been fine!
  5. for the intellectuals amongst us, the book that the movie's based on is supposed to be a really good read

    *disclaimer - i havn't read it, therefore i'm not intellectual
  6. Both Burt Munro books are firmly on my Christmas list.

    Excellent film. Worked well because, among other reasons, it kept away from technical stuff, which always kills a story because "they" usually get it laughably wrong.

    As for home cast pistons, they really can work well. Wiseco don't have a monopoly on how to cast and machine metal you know :grin: . Anyway, the entire Munro special was carved, largely by hand, from assorted bits of scrap (con-rods from a Ford truck back axle for instance), so knocking off the odd homebrew casting job didn't present the builder with any problems at all :grin: .
  7. The movie worked because it had the BRILLIANT Anthony Hopkins in it.
    Is he a Sir? I think he was knighted? No?

    He should be called Midas, every movie that man touches turns to gold.
  8. We had a guy come into my mate's bike shop in Dandy. He rode an indian in. It was unbelievable :shock:
    I mean this thing looked like it should be lying in the back shed not being ridden. As much as I stood their admiring it, it looked a rusted piece of junk ( not knocking it .. just describing it ). The guy had makeshift everything on this thing. I'm talking wooden footrests etc ...
    the gears were operated by hand using a lever, fuel mixtures adjusted as u ride along. it was incredible to see. I dont know HOW he didnt get pulled up riding the thing. It was definately NOT anywhere near RWC state. :LOL: :LOL:
    This guy collects this kinda stuff ... I dunno if you locals remember 'wobbies world' on Springvale Rd ?? Well he has the helicopter sitting in his front yard :LOL:
    Was incredible to watch him ride away .. wearing shorts, t-shirt, open face helmet, goggles and NO gloves.
  9. You are correct vic, he was knighted in 1993.
  10. Not a big fan of Hopkins personally. The writing did it for me.

    His homemade pistons went okay, but he did throw rods every so often, amongst all other problems.

    He wasn't really the genuinely all-round good guy. He was disloyal to his wife and his children, a dangerous racer and single minded to the point of being unable to relate to normal people.

    I liked the Burt Munroe in the movie better. :grin:
  11. :? :?
    You've lost me ... Anthony Hopkins played Burt Munro in the movie ...

  12. I think he's saying the Burt Monroe that was portrayed in the movie was better than the real man himself
  13. Ahhh .. of course.... thanks vic ,, its a little early and my brain is still in neutral
  14. Saw it, bought it, and have watched it a couple of times since. Fantastic movie, even without the bike theme. That just makes it even better. [​IMG]