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Movie - Tuesday 11 Jan - Chadstone VIC

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Knightrider, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Ok, call me a girl but.....

    I'm going to Chadstone this coming Tuesday to see Phantom of the Opera at 8:20pm.

    If anyone would like to see the movie, your secret is safe with me.

    Can either meet you at the usual place - Nando's, or you can sneak into the cinema discreetly. Promise I won't tell anyone I saw you there! :-#
  2. I *might* be there.. currently tossing up between Phantom and Blade Trinity....or waiting for After the Sunset which is out Thurs.. decisions! :)
  3. Saw the stage show 3 times.
    Saw the original movie (1925) once.
    Got the book, and seen the current movie once so far.
    Also have, and can play on piano and clarinet, the music from by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  4. Blade Trinity! It's great! A few bits where I jumped, but great movie!
  5. I've seen the stage show, the movie, have the soundtrack..

    It looks very Moulin Rouge-ish in its production.. looks like a good movie. so its on the list :D
  6. Ah yeah, have the soundtrack also. Flatmate thinks I'm nuts when I play it - REALLY LOUD! He goes out for 3 hours.
  7. Yeah I might mosey along to the movie. It's pretty much the only stage show I've seen, had to even go to Hong Kong to watch it :LOL:

    I know what time the movie starts, but what time is everybody going to meet at Nandos??
  8. I can be there anytime after 7pm. If people want to eat before the movie, shall we say about 7-715pm?
  9. Don't ya just love it when people go and arrange to see a movie that you have told them you want to see only for them to arrange seeing it on a night that you can't go! :evil:

  10. It's cheap seat Tuesday - that's why!

    I will take you tomorrow night or another night if you like. And see it Tuesday as well!

  11. Tightarse... :p

  12. I thought it was sexy :?

    One must budget, when one is saving to go OS
  13. It's alright Stew honey, I'll go with you another night if you need company :p But if you change your plans and end up being free to come on Tues, I'm more than happy to be a tightarse ;)

  14. Thanx sweetie. At least I know YOU care. :wink:

  15. Oh dear....... ](*,)
  16. It's a great chicks flick, (not for the blokey blokes) but if you are a bloke and have a knack for getting to those really high notes in the shower, you will love it.
  17. Does someone need a hug........?

    I showed you I cared on Friday night when I saw Blade Trinity against my initial will (and enjoyed it).
  18. Yes it was indeed a good movie and as previously stated I would like to go to see Phantom of the whatever but cannot on tuesday due to other arrangements. Therefore my hands are tied...

  19. Don't get me started....

    Biting my fingers, must stop typ in g. It's not going to beat me. Must hit submit!