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[Movie Review] La Vien Rose

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. oooook, so this is so totally not the type of movie that I'd normally see. The great thing about going out with someone who loves different types of movies is that you get to see stuff you'd normally put in the 'Nup. Not watching that. It's got subtitles...'


    La Vien Rose is the story of Edith Piaf. Beautifully acted, we are taken on a journey from childhood to her eventual death at such a young age. Poverty, desperation, fame, scandal, love and heartache are ingredients in the film. The acting is superb. The child actor portraying Edith is simply stunning.

    The emotional neglect from her parents leaves you just feeling empty, but the first hour is essential in laying the foundation for the rest of the film.

    The film constantly moves around. It's not difficult to follow, but don't go out for a toilet break, you'll miss something.

    Whilst Edith is portrayed with sensitivity, there is no pulling of punches. We are never fully made aware of what eventually causes her death, but we know of her addictions to drink and drugs. There are large sections of her life that are either not discussed or brushed over, but it's already a long film and the director had to make some decisions. However, you never feel short changed and for those that are interested in her life, there is lots of stuff out there.

    The acting is simply amazing. There is a scene where she is grieving that leaves you well, just so sad. Edith's life was not filled with happiness nor was it devoid of joy. It was just short and intense.

    If you like films that are journey's, appreciate fine acting, beautiful scenery and are capable of immersing yourself in a film, you'll love La Vien Rose. It's a long film at 2hrs and 20m, but I found the time passed without noticing.

    You don't have to appreciate or even know of Edith or her songs to love this film, but I challenge anyone to remain unmoved with the final scene. When the film ended, the cinema (busy for a Europa) just remained seated, spellbound. It was at least a minute before anyone moved (and we weren't waiting for the bloopers!).

    Cliff 4.5*
    Liz 4.5*
  2. Thanks. Good review . I am definetly going to see it. I love her music so much , but dont know anything really about her life.
  3. Cejay,

    Firstly, kudos for stepping out of the 'movie square' and going to see something different.

    Secondly, that was one of the most touching movie reviews I've ever read. Nice work :)