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Movie "Finding Neverland" 27th Jan 05

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FalomVtr, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. MOVIE : Finding Neverland

    VENUE : Chadstone Hoyts

    TIME : 6.15pm gather for a 7.10pm session

    So lets uphold the tough biker image by going to see a big action thriller...not


  2. I'll be making sure I take maddy along to this one so won't be able to see it that late on a "school night" ;)
  3. You feelin' orrite Stew?
  4. Yeah he's just a big kid at heart :LOL:

  5. Yes thanx Kaz!! Is there something wrong with a grown man with a ballsy bike heading off to see a good film??? Has Kate Winslet in it too =P~


  6. A big kid indeed, why do ya think I bought A Storm?? :D

    I likes me toys!!!! 8)

  7. Hmmm, I'm getting worried.....

    I shall be there tonight. Mmm, Johnny Depp - slurp!

    I like toys too!
  8. I watched most of this... the whole dreaming/fantasy theme is kinda nice
  9. Watched MOST of this?

    Where you having snuggles in the back row with your eyes open but had to close then occassionally?
  10. All you tough biker peeps missed out on a fantastic movie tonight!

    Just a word of warning if you do go, TAKE SOME TISSUES!!!

  11. You should put the post earlier! I didn't get online til 8pm tonight!

    Otherwise I want to go too!
    ](*,) ](*,)
  12. Or you should have got online earlier :p :D

  13. haha actually I was watching it at home but I had some friends turn up before it finished
  14. PIRATE!!! PIRATE!!! ALERT THE FEDS!!! :shock:

    When you finally do see the end, you will probably be glad the friends turned up when they did and not just after it finished!

    Can't have the friends see a man in a blubbering mess, can we <insert name of person who shall remain anonymous>? :LOL:

  15. Anonymous??? Who you talking about Knightrider, was there someone else there?? I couldn't see through my tears :cry:

  16. Not you Stew! My imaginary friend sitting on my right..... :wink: