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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ducfreak, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Ok peoples MOVEMBER is upon us again.

    This is the month of men growing moustaches to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer.

    This year I will be growing one but not raising money via the official MOVEMEBR site, just doing for the fun AND to raise awareness.

    I will post up a pic or two over the month just for you all have a giggle and hopefully someone will tell son/dad/grandad/uncle/cousin or themselves to go get checked and maybe we’ll save someone’s life .

    I survived, I showed NO symptoms whatsoever, but the results of the histo pathology showed that I was .1mm form having the cancer escape and go elsewhere through my body.

    SO anyone around 50 GO GET TESTED. Anyone with family history from about 40 up GO GET TESTED.
    A little blood test once a year could just make the difference.

    So grow a Mo (optional for the fairer sex) and when anyone asks, tell’em what for and what to do.

    PS if anyone wants to PM for embarrassing questions I’m open for that too

  2. I did it last year, and got support from Netriders. Don't think the Mrs would sit still for me growing one this year, but I'm happy to support (at least the first few!) Netriders who do.

    I certainly get checked regularly: the wife's boss died of prostate cancer very recently.
  3. ahh I'm going to be doing it for charity myself... It's an awesome cause and worth doing it for :D
    Though I'm normally a beardy anyway and think facial hair is awesome


  4. ?? Progress so far ??


    If you look real hard you can some grey stuff LOL
  5. I did the movember last year, but since I am not at work for the next three months I won't be doing it this year. If anyone is, let us know so we can donate through you.

    Chopper it was for me...
  6. Heres a weeks worth of mirth