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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. I'm doin' it: http://au.movember.com/mospace/518546/

    Put your hand up here if you are, and donate if you aren't!

  2. I'm not game enough to grow the mo (it drives me insane - sooo itchy), but I just supported the cause.
    'Onya mate!!
  3. Thank ya sir, that's fantastic!
  4. *waits for Fanuary thread*

  5. lol Bronwyn!
  6. If I had 1-2mths off prior to Movember, I'd grow one...the sight of a developing Merv Hughes 'stache wouldn't go down too well at work !
  7. I think the rules are that you have to start clean-shaven on November 1, so you'd be fine there... and as for work, I reckon do what I'm going to: plaster the joint with posters and collect lots of donations. Tough for anyone to be agin a good cause!
  8. There ya go, Bravus..Of course, totally forgot about that !
    I love your suggestion dude, but again, that would DEFINITELY not go down well in my 'office' LOL.
  9. I did the Chopper (handlebars) look last year, think I might do it again :)
    By the look of things, a few work mates might be joining in.
  10. Hey, if all the male Drs at my hospital can get away with it, then you can too. I love Movember, watching them try to have terribly serious conversations with their patients while looking like super seedy mofos.

    I think this would he the perfect platform BTW to run a Netrider Movember competition. Worthless without pics, no photoshopping in extra hirsuteness.

    Damn, I'm spitting that it's only September. *waits patiently*
  11. Yeah, I think I'ma go the handlebar style thang... starting out as big as I can grow it and might take it off in stages over a week or so at the end of the month to try a few different styles.

    There will be pics. Oh yes.
  12. Raising money for this is like joining a pyramid investment scheme. In the end you'll have no friends.
  13. I dunno, my small School of 20 or so people raised $440 at a morning tea today for Pakistan flood relief. Lots of good, well intentioned people... and I don't plan to pester. It's a good chance to raise awareness of prostate cancer and depression too: and I know there's a significant group here that cares about depression.
  14. Oh, come on nickers that's bullshit. If you fly you MUST cultivate the Mo!


    Unless you give your philtrum wings, you ain't a real pilot! :p
  15. On the allegation of financial irregularities, Wikipedia sez:

    10. Seymour, B. (26 October 2007 [Eastern Seaboard]; 20 November 2007 [Adelaide]) Today Tonight, Channel 7 Adelaide
    11. Financial Summary 2008
    12. Givewell Charity Profiles - Movember Foundation
    13. More information Givewell Charity Profiles - Movember Foundation
    14. Important statistics on the state of Australian philanthropy

    Just fecken Today Tonight tearing down instead of building up charitable efforts... completely typical and not to be believed a whit.
  16. Ogden mate, now that you put it thaaaaaaaat way ;)