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Movember - Raising Awareness for Men's Health

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DJ666, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    Well I have decided this year to partake in the fundraising event Movember to help raise awareness for Men's health.

    Random Fact: close to 3,300 Australian men die of prostate cancer each year.

    If you would like to help out please head to http://mobro.co/dalesharp to donate! :)
  2. I'm in, too.
  3. I, once again, will be "going the MO" (http://mobro.co/dalemclean)
    seems us "Dale's" are winning here =D>

    I survived (just) and will be raising awareness 'till I dont breath anymore.

    SO GO GET TESTED boys over 40, a little prick may save your life :eek:
    Oh and if the doc wants to do a D.R.E. ask for a nice meal and bottle of wine first :bolt:
  4. Okay

    I will donate to the first 3 guys who post up a pick before they go the mo (must therefore be clean shaven beforehand) and then 2 weeks in with am update showing it in progress.

    Bravus, your pic in the "Are you hot thread" already shows you with a Mo, that's cheating, hence why I want a before and after pic.
  5. :p my pic doesn't but I will take a fresh one at the start of November starting clean :)
  6. That pic's from Movember 2 years ago: I don't normally wear a mo. So yeah, October 31 (Halloween) there'll be a whole new cleanshaven one of me.

    I don't get kissed *at all* with a mo or beard. Took one for the team 2 year ago, but this time I'm gonna grow Wolverine-stylee sideburns instead. Not 100% kosher Movember, I guess, but still raising funds and consciousness.
  7. Fair enough Bravus, you were going for the p0rn star look in the other thread, now I understand.

    You will need to post up a link as well so I can donate online.
  8. Here's my link: http://au.movember.com/mospace/518546

    Decided that the sidies will look shit with a double chin, so I'm also trying to lose a few kilos by the end of November. Presumably that'll show up in the pics as well...
  9. Freshly shaved and ready to go! nu9ene7a.
  10. Was freshly shaven about 18 hours ago. It's going to be a dodgy looking month.
  11. Thanks for the pics guys.

    DJ you don't look old enough to grow any facial hair ;)
  12. Hahaha thanks, I think :p, 22 that picture was a lucky one in any others I swear I just looked like I was coming down from drugs, wwaayy too little sleep lately.
  13. OK finally had time to do a "selfie":rolleyes:
    <:insert laughter here:>
    will keep you all posted as the MOnth progresses :banghead:
  14. pfffft movember.
  15. :cry: trd 2000 at least your talking/thinking about it ;)
  16. I did take my Day 0 pic, but can't lay my hand on the card reader. Will probably head out at lunch time and pick one up.

    Will post it here once I can. Day 2 now, and no-one has noticed anything because I tend not to shave every day anyway.

    Leading a workshop for teachers on Monday, Day 5, and it should be noticeable by then.

    Probably weekly pics here, and will focus the requests for donations on family and work... but people here were generous last time... and it's a worthwhile cause.
  17. I'm in too. It's father-son year, so my eighteen year old son has joined as well.


    and my page is at :http://mobro.co/718878
  18. The more the merrier :)

    and there are probably only 10 people who get the "cheers" too
  19. update, day 5, some grey showing amongst the darker colurs :cry:
    [​IMG] PIC_0455.

    D'oh I do know of the nasal poking out too:facepalm: