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Movember 2015

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by middo, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Is anyone else doing Movember this year? I have a team of 15 doing it at work. The students should have a good laugh as their teachers try to look sophisticated, but instead look a little seedy over the next month.

    Here is my Movember page if you want a laugh. Yes, it is me in the picture a couple of years ago. I'm a little thinner and without facial hair today.


    If you do have a Movember page, please share below.
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  2. You look like a true Gentleman middomiddo! You should keep the mo' after Movember is over ;) Good luck with raising funds for such worthy cause.
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  3. Sorry middo can't help. I've already got a mo and have had it for 40 + years. Too late to change now. And NO I'm Not shaving it off!! ( much to my other halfs displeasure.)
  4. Fr33dmFr33dm , thanks for putting your money where your mouth is and donating to the cause!
  5. My pleasure Sir :) As I better not join your team and grow moustache of my own, I thought I chip in.
  6. Great mo, middo.

    You could do a very good impression of a Circus Ringmaster, or perhaps a slick Magician.
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  7. The mo is a bit of a story. It actually was about 3 months worth in that photo. My daughter had a year 12 ball coming up in Feb after I did Movember last, in 2013. She begged me to grow it, as the "arrivals" are a big deal here. The best car, the best chauffeur etc. So I was the chauffeur for the night in our vintage car, and she was so happy. The mo disappeared later that night as my wife had enough of it by then.

    Sometimes I miss the notoriety of it, but then I grew a beard for winter that became a bit "lumberjack" before I shaved it.

    Life would be boring if I couldn't grow and change my facial hair regularly.
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  8. Awesome MO MIDDO, a great cause and month :happy: ( we need an eMOticon for this one), I have been doing MOvember for a number of years.
    If anyone is around the Newcastle. central coast and surrounds there is THIS to go to for support.
    AND my mo is staying on but being waxed up for this year BAHAHAHA
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  9. Thanks Rob, you know who you are. Netrider members are always generous for a good cause!
  10. Day 1, clean shaven and ready to grow the mo. Looking a little tired after watching the rugby last night.

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  11. Your welcome mate. Just rub a little bit of dynamic lifter on your top lip each night just before bed
    but after dinner. It will come up like a carpet in no time.
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  12. We actually have one. :pompous:
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  13. Hey Middo what have you got in the way of a vintage car?
  14. The car is a Ford A from 1930. My grandfather restored it back in the 1970's, when they were disappearing from the wreckers. He actually restored about 8 of them before he died in the late 90's. My mum and Dad inherited it, and more recently, my Dad has found it too hard to drive, so he passed it on to us so we could enjoy it with our kids.

    It's been used in 2 family weddings, 4 school balls and many family picnics and rides.
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  15. Good one mate. Great old cars. We've got a couple of T models. A 27 and a 24.
    Kids don't like em any more.
  16. As promised, my one week update.
  17. 20151108_105036.
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  18. Going great guns middomiddo! A bit more Dynamic Lifter perhaps?
  19. I'm thinking I might borrow the missus mascara. That might help it along. I speak enough bull**** to keep it healthy!
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  20. 2 week update. Looking very suave I think.
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