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{Moved} Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend! 24th / 25th March 2012

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by karl, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I am posting this here because many do not look in the other states rides and events section. It is in there because it is a annual NSW, VIC and ACT event! Even if you do see this thread, you might not read close enough to realise you CAN be there, This Weekend.

    This ride is an annual event, I have been to 4 out of the past 6. It is two nights in Tintaldra (near Corryong VIC) with 30+ other keen netriders. It is on this coming FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights (23-25th March)

    We have had a few people pull out at the last minute who have already paid and are keen to get some money back. It is $130 per person dinner bed and breakfast for 2 nights! Bargain!

    We have 3 singles and 1 double available! Check out the thread in "Other States" Ride and events, for more detail.

  2. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Five of Victorias, best bike roads just getting to Tintaldra, Then a few others on Saturday, hahahahahaha
    This is my 4th one, I missed last years due to no licence,

    Top people to enjoy your ride with, Excellent roads,

    The food supplied is grouse, and very cheap.

    Tintaldra Caravan Park is very bike friendly,

    And we do wait for the slower riders, Have Tec,

    See you there,

  3. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Sounds grouse. Sign me up.....hang on, I'm already going!
    130 bucks for 2 nights accom and breaky/ dinner! Crazy!
  4. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Just becareful, some of those roads may have been ripped up by the recent heavy rains and floods.
  5. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Excellent! Weestrom time!!!
  6. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Karl, you're going to force us mods to mod you if you post in the wrong forum again. Thread moved. This is a freebie.
  7. Karls from Sydney, Ya gotta make allowances for them, Hahahahaha,

    But we do have a few beds left over from Drop outs,

    So he put it the Vic thread to get more takers,

    Get in now for one really great ride, Peeps.

    Melb to Melb, about 2000 kays, all terrific bike roads, And grouse people to ride with,

    You can ride around the pot holes, They aren't that big, hahaha

  8. Re: Ride the mountains with netriders this weekend!

    Rob, seriously..... tell me what harm it would have done to leave the thread in general. All I was trying to do was help some other netriders... and you threaten me with some sort of punative action!

    This is why most people I started with in netrider 6 years ago avoid this place now.

  9. Karl, seriously, that's such a crock mate. In the past that you're comparing me to, your thread would have been deleted without any comment or word for general discussion dumping. Today we move the threads unless the poster repeatedly on purpose posts in the wrong forum.

    Event threads go in the event forum. If it wasn't me, it'd be another mod.
  10. The fact that you might mod less than before, does not mean people dont avoid this place because it is modded too much.

    But thanks for being so understanding and not "modding me", I will be a good boy, I promise.
  11. Now get on your knees and beg forgiveness! You have angered the mighty mods! :eek:hno:
  12. Ok Karl, sorry for hurting your feelings. Have a good ride mate.

    It's worth noting that the extra thread bumps this little interaction has caused has helped the thread stay in the "recent posts" list.
  13. Bump bum bump bum..bump bump bump bum!
  14. Karl you always upsetting people! cant take you anywhere!