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(MOVED) P1 for 18months ..... y?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fireblade, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. hi all
    im wondering why my licence states my P1 licence expirys in 18months when it should b 1 yr or do I still get my full riding licence after 12months???

  2. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    *shakes head*

    it expires in 18 months, you can get your p2's after 12 months so you have 6 month's grace to essentially drag your ass down to the rta to pay for your greens otherwise it expire's.
  3. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    I m wndrng y u no lern speelng?
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  4. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    It expires in 18 months. If you're over 25 and have an unrestriucted car licence, after 12 months you can go to the RTA (now RMS) and get a full motorcycle licence. From their website:

    Riders over age 25

    Riders over the age of 25 that meet Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority) requirements may receive an exemption from the P2 phase. To be eligible for an exemption from the P2 phase, riders must:

    * Be 25 years of age or older when they apply for the unrestricted licence.
    * Hold a current Australian unrestricted driver licence.
    * Have completed a minimum of 12 months on a P1 licence.
    * Meet all other licensing requirements.
  5. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    I aways thought it was spelled .... why, expires, be and year.
    But I could be rong
  6. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    That's interesting. That's a bit like the NZ model where you can shorten the period with additional and successfully completed training. Anyway, could you link me up Tone please, I'd like to put that to the Vic Parl Inquiry.

    In direct contrast, Vicroads is currently considering Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme changes which have a mandatory 12mths L, 12mths P1, and 24/36mths P2 (time TBC), with no way to reduce the period, no credit for prior license, road experience or age, and no pillions and .00BAC for the entire period 4 / 5 year period.

    Given Victoria's pretty good motorcycle stats, I am wondering where is the push?
  7. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    I think it was Frasers motorcyles that got that in, originally it was Learners only then onto any bike. Fraser's lobbied it so that they could get Harley sales who are mostly over 25 and gold licence anyway. This was early 90's IIRC.

    Obviously the government retrograded it a bit since then (I think when they put in green Ps for younger riders).
  8. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    Have a look here and scroll down to the Riders Over Age 25 bit
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  9. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    good grammar it aint
  10. Re: P1 for 18months ..... y?

    wrong forum too