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NSW Moved Interstate - Should i tell them?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Unconnected, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Evening.

    So, i am from sydney, moved to canberra to study for about 2 years, while i was there, i changed my license over to an ACT Provisional, and got my Motorcycle L's down there as well, my bike is also registered in the ACT (its a 250cc, only about $90 a year + CTP of like $100)

    Now, In august, i decided i was sick of canberra, and defered university and moved back to Sydney with the intent on transfering univeristies, i found out the other day that i had been offered a place at USYD, and so, will be staying here permanently.

    SO thats the context and here is the questions:

    1. If i transfer back to NSW, will i have to deregister and reregister my bike, effectly losing 6 months of rego (expires in august) and having to pay around $900 ( i think) to re-rego my 250cc (thanks for ****ing the CTP Liebor Govt)

    2. If i was to continue to have a slightly dodgey (ok pretty fraudulant) ACT license, i can get my full motorcycle license in one year ( i get my full car license in about 2 weeks, so im waiting to do my Ps for that) if i was to wait a year, and get my full motorcycle license after 1 year in the ACT, and then transfered back to NSW, would i be forced back onto lams? or would i be given a full NSW R class license.

    Please keep the comments about not being registered in the state where you actually reside to yourselves i am aware of the ramifications of this.

    Thanks, hopefully someone has experienced this themselves and can give me good advice.
  2. I'm not sure about the license, although I think the same rules apply, but if your principal place of residence is now in NSW you have 28 days to transfer the registration of the bike.
  3. You can cancel your ACT registration and get a refund of the balance of the registration fee and CTP


    Officially, You have three months to transfer license and registration.


    I think? ... You would be issued with a P1 provisional license and be subject to all the restrictions that entails. If you wait the 2 weeks so you have 12 months of license you should be issued with a P2 provisional license.


    Then after a minimum of 24 months you can attempt the next test to go to a full license.

    Good Luck on working out your best option.
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