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Moved: help with bike starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by quami, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys

    I need help with my Torino toro scooter. I am currently having alot of problems starting my scooter.

    i haven't ridden the thing since i got it serviced 3 wks ago.

    i have tried to start it but it will not start

    The scooter turns over when i press the electric starter switch but will not start.

    before i was able to use the kick start to start it but now it will not start at all

    i have taken the spark plug out and it is sparking so it isn't an electrical issue as far as i know.

    the carburetor seems to be getting fuel because it will start from time to time
    and when it does start it idles rough like its going to stall and die.

    i have also found that it is running rich because i can smell petrol in the exhaust fumes.

    im wondering whether it is the auto choke. if it is, how do i trouble shoot that?

    if you have any more ideas about what it could be pls reply back

    thanks for the help it is appreciated.


  2. Re: help with bike starting

    Other than taking it back to the shop,you could try the following.
    Go with the spark plug first , change it and then get some new fuel in the tank.Sounds like its flooded, so if you can drain the carbie as well , do so.
    Good luck

    cheers Michael
  3. If it is flooded try taking out the plug and either drying it off or put in another plug Then try starting again. If it is trying to flood then try starting with the throttle open. Do not just hold the starter button down. Try giving it shortish bursts with a rest in between that way the starter will not burn out.

    If that doesn't start it pull the plug again and check how it looks. Wet? Dry?

    If all else fails try a squirt of something like "start ya bastard" in the air intake or even directly into the spark plug hole. That may get it going and then it may simply clear itself depending on what the issue is.

    If all else fails take it back and ask he guys who tuned it what is wrong.