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{Moved} GS 1000S help with clutch

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Turrawan, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Any bikers out there that can suggest what I can do with a rattling clutch basket. My mate gave me his old GS1000S (that had been sitting outside under a cheap tarp for about 8 years).
    I've had it painted, seat recovered etc but the clutch is driving me mad. I've gone on u tube but I can only find clips that show the problem not how to fix it.
    I'm keen to get back on the road as I have been off bikes for sooo long & now I'm in Qld it begs belief that you wouldn't ride a bike up here.

  2. Get a workshop manual. Rattling basket will generally mean replacement. Personally I'd be looking at replacing wear plates and springs whilst I was there, if not intermediate plates.

    It's a medium difficulty job. You will need to stop things from rotating somehow to get the clutch apart. Sometimes this can be done with the back brake alone.

    This shows you how to change springs and plates. He leaves the basket in place, but it's not much more work to replace the basket.

    The Interweb is you friend when it comes to sourcing parts for these old Suzukis. There are a few suppliers throughout the world who stock parts for them. Thankfully Suzuki were pretty good in that they didn't make big changes year to year.
  3. Thru a friend of a friend I have found a lovely gentleman 63 years young who grew up fixing old bikes like mine. Reckons the rattling clutch could be just the carbies needing tuning. None the less he is keen to have a look and advise what needs doing.
    He works out of home & bikes are his passion.
    He said he has just come back from the classics at Phillip Island last week.
    Yeah for old fashioned type service!!!!!
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