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{Moved fron New Riders} First Bike After Restrictions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Petesul, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody. Really damp today in Melbourne so decided not to ride (practice was cancelled). I like wet weather riding but thought it was just not worth the effort today.
    I'm wondering what you are all thinking when you come off restrictions. In Victoria, we have 150kw/ton limit- search Vicroads to see the approved list of bikes. We do not have the 90kmh limit some of you do - seems stupid - 90, 100, you have to be just as careful!
    Anyway, I am considering unrestricted bikes (like the rest of you who already have them)! I love the Harley 883 or 1200 ( love the Harley bikes) but as I ride a lot in the Dandenongs, I want something zippy and nimble. I've looked at the Honda CBF1000 or Suzuki 1250 Bandit as these have ABS, then considered Honda 919 Hornet (good value). Now I see that the Triumph Street Triple is a great bike (Ducati Monster deserves a mention too)!
    Still thinking of what I'll do.
    By the way, my GS500F is great for a first bike, I may even keep it for much longer. I have so far gone 420 km WITHOUT GOING TO THE RESERVE!
    PS Love the hot 1 litre+ bikes but do not need the speed. Tallness (or lack thereof) will influence your thoughts.
    What are all you girls/guys thinking for your first non-restriction?
    What's great for you non-restricteds given "step-ups" need to be able to handle the power and handling?

  2. Hi,

    Practice was on you should have come down, great quick stop practice in the wet.

    Big spread of bikes there, some more info on when and why you ride might help narrow the field down a bit. IE weekends only in the twisties or mainly commuting?

    Any of the current crop of mid range naked bikes are worth looking at depending on what you are doing and what the budget is eg from an Er6 to a MV 675/800 Brutale and all that is in between.

    With some more info I am sure you will get a better response to your question.

  3. I'm a GS500 rider too. My restrictions end at the start of September and I've bought myself a 2012 njnja1000 as my upgrade bike. Arrives next week, can't wait!
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  5. Thanks Jem. Not worried about choice. I want fun riding, a little commuting, flickability. Don't want to spend too much. Also, I am over 50, not real tall, but before I have turned up to practice, I have been for a run for about 1.5 hours on each occasion, and therefore I do not fit my demographic, and don't mind. None of my mates can run with me or can understand my riding. Riding is just fun, and I love the need to be a little technical. Auto cars are actually boring.
    One thing is certain, having driven for a long time has given me a great understanding of traffic movements and stupidity.
    I think the Triumph is terrific, but the looks are something to need to warm to.
    I am very glad I decided to get into bike riding, it is a different dimension to everything else I have done. Bike riding for me has proved to be an "out there" great choice. I want to hear what my biking mates are thinking.
  6. And I woke up top late but wanted to run first - sorry!
  7. Ok ok ok. Rename it "guide to buying your second bike" - sound right to me now
  8. Good thing getting into riding later on in life, I just turned 50 and none of my mates get it either but who cares I am loving it.
    Most on here will say ride them all and then make up your mind.... Not bad advice but hard to do when you are still on restrictions!
    I narrowed it down to a type first than looked at all of those, narrowed it down again by sitting on them to get a feel and then was left with a choice between the Shiver and the 675 Brutale. Decider was where the torque came in as I am a 95% commuter.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Thanks Jem. For styling, I like the look of both bikes. My tastes might be similar to yours, a bit of torque, not too heavy, something that will last. You have given me something else to consider.
  10. Happy to try and help mate that is what this site is all about to me. If you want to bounce anything of me or just get an idea where to look or who to ask drop me a PM.

    Good luck with the decision, remember it is your bike you are the only one who needs to love it.

  11. Both of those are pretty useless for the twisty riding you elude to.
    They are heavy, don't turn - or stop......and......make no appreciable amount of power.

    Don't rush the "off restriction" process. Ride the wheels off your bike - now.

    Think about the riding you want to do - test everything - reassess.

    Both great machines...

    "zippy, nimble?" --> NO.

    Great daily rides. Great mechanics, equipment, torque? --> Yes.

    Right now - stop thinking of the next bike. Enjoy YOUR bike.
    Ride the wheels off her. Figure out your style. Figure out how you ride.

    This will make it easier to decide what bike is next.

    My 2c......
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  12. 1250 bandits are really good value if you are buying new
  13. ^^^ This

    I was at Eastern Creek on saturday and a guy was riding a GS 500, having a ball by the looks of things.
    I have no idea who he was, i was just watching every group, through the card.

    Thing is, he was having fun and pushing a bike he knows, and middle/light weight
    On the flip side, if you bin it, it hasn't cost you a fortune to find your (current) limit ;)
  14. Ride them all, buy the one you like the most.

    Edit, if you really want zippy through twisty stuff, don't get a Bandit.
  15. So you want something that looks like a cruiser but doesn't handle like one.
    Has enough go to be entertaining but is not scary fast.
    Has potential to work on it yourself if you so desire.
    Moto Guzzi Bellagio.
  16. Great discussion - not derailed yet. After going to practice yesterday morning, I hit the hills on a home detour. Cages in the hills are too slow!! Riding is just the best! Passed a couple of slow cars on the way from the Basin to Sassafras. Also a couple of people did not see me, swerving and braking skills needed. Keep up the practice everybody.
  17. was that you i saw trying to have sex with my daytona saturday morning?
  18. yeah, thought nobody was watching
  19. every body was watching
  20. could have had a group session then