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{Moved from Welcome lounge} Lane splitting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MyoMan, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys. I'm well aware I may cop some flack for this but as some of you may know I am still a learner and I lane split. I don't do all the time nor do I do at high speed on freeways etc. If I see a huge embankment of cars at the lights and a wide enough gap I go for it. However if it's only 1-3 cars I just wait. I won't get anywhere much quicker.
    The question is although it is illegal over here many riders have told me to get into the habit of it and that cops really don't care. I know it's a hugely debated subject in Vic. What's everyone else's opinion on Police tolerance etc?

  2. If it's illegal, which it is for Learners, then it's only a matter of time before you encounter a Policeman who DOES care; can you bear the financial and peripheral consequences if this happens???
  3. It's a risk/reward thing.

    For me, an occasional ticket to save 15-30 minutes a day is just 'the cost of doing business'.

    Having said that, there are risk mitigants.

    ie. - Don't split past a police solo, if you are going to split past a police car, only do it in heavy traffic where they can't do anything about it, or better yet, move a lane or two over so they can't see your plate as you go past.

    My personal view is, so long as you aren't being a dickhead about it, and you don't encounter a rabid HWP officer, then the risk is manageable.
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    Dude, this has been done to death on NR. But since this is pertinent topic in 2015 I won't admonish you (Smee might) for not using the search function.

    In Victoria at present filtering is not a strictly illegal action full stop - there is no specific statute specifically banning the movement of PTW's between queues of traffic.

    You will most likely conflict with other road use and lane use laws though - which means if observed by police there's a chance of attracting an infringement. There's is a very strict set of circumstances through stationary traffic that it can actually be entirely legal though so that is worth knowing. (Road Rule 141.1.c).

    If doing it safely and slowly, traffic cops might book you, but general duties are less likely to book you. Traffic cops are in the business of policing the roads - GD cops cover everything else including sometimes being tasked to police the roads.

    Traffic cops are definitely going to book you if you look like you're taking a risk while filtering and absolutely going to book you no matter what when on a specific enforcement campaign against filtering/splitting.
  5. Unless of course you mirror or handle grip scrapes the side of a Lamborghini.. Then you're SOL..

    Its like doing wheelies , they're illegal but bike riders do them until they have an accident, and insurance wont cover you and you get issued fines for being a reckless rider and a vast amount of other things..

    You need to be prepared to cop the punishment, physical & legal pain etc of your actions.. Are you prepared for that?
  6. With all due respect I do agree that it is a cost I don't want to pay. But on the other hand I don't exactly feel safe at the back of the pack where (funnily enough) some cars can't seem to see a high vis vest and a bright blue bike and fail to stop in time (in some cases).
    I haven't had that happen to me yet but I've had people pull up extremely close and as a rider you do feel very vulnerable sandwiched between 2 cars.
    I'm willing to go to the front of the pack where I can make an emergency getaway if need be.

    And are you honestly telling me you don't lane split Hornet?
  7. Of course I do, but I've been riding since 1974 in all sorts of conditions and on all sorts of bikes, so I have a reasonable level of experience. Can I tell you one thing though? This boogy-man about being hit from behind is a convenient justification for lane splitting, but in hundreds of thousands of kilometres of riding, I've had it happen only once, at very low speed, and I've NEVER seen it happen to anyone else.
    I'm not saying don't do it, all I'm saying is that you will find a Policeman who will book you for it, and if you are a learner, the consequence for you in terms of fines and suspension is a lot higher than it would be for me.....
  8. I don't split.. And i've been hit by a car simply riding down the street.. (they changed lanes into me).. That's life unfortunately.

    I've been driving for 22 years.. I've only been rear ended once.

    The only time i've been rear ended was driving a VW bug around a corner, up a hill (bridge), and i had to stop quickly (car coming up the hill) and the car behind me thought i had left (due to the engine noise) and gunned it straight into me trying to beat the next car coming down the road.

    I don't know the stats on how many people have been collected by cars at lights and i'm not discounting claims that it does happen. I do welcome the day that its an accepted riding tool here in VIC.

    I am just saying that legally it may not be worth it should something bad happen at present..
  9. In Metro Melbourne, the leading cause of rider hospitalisation is the nose to tail accident. More like an inconvenient truth than a convenient bogeyman.
  10. Just to clarify what you are talking about is Filtering, think moving through stopped traffic or very slowly moving traffic eg less than 30 kph.

    Splitting is moving between faster moving traffic generally on Freeways at higher speeds eg 50 kph plus

    Put another way Filtering is moving through the cars to get to the front at a set of lights, Splitting is riding between traffic down the Eastern during peak hour.

    I see no issue with you filtering as a learner, you just need to work on the skill like every other one on a bike when you are learning. Start slowly, 3-4 cars at first and build up to taking on more and more cars. While you are learning the skill it is important IMO that you know the light sequence as you are approaching the intersection. EG, Does the right hand turning arrow go first and the straight ahead Green does not go till the turning arrow has gone red? If you know this you can anticipate when the cars you are going to filter past are likely to start moving.

    Occasionally you will be filtering and not get to the front and will have to fit back into traffic, this can be quite unnevering the first time it happens, but unless you are silly it is quite easy to pick which lane to move into. Don't forget to give the driver who let you in a wave of thanks.

    For all the other pages and pages of debate on the legalities and how to's use search.................

    Cheers Jeremy
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  11. Your bright blue bike is black from behind. Your high-vis vest, don't expect anyone to see it.

    I reckon if you're comfortable splitting, just do it. I'm sure if you get a fine you would have already saved that amount in fuel

  12. My son while on his learners was stopped at a pedestrian crossing when a dumb arse P plater was too busy talking on her phone only saw him at the last minute and rear ended him. He couldn't move forward without running over a pedestrian so braced for impact. The rear end of a KLR650 is stronger than the front end of a Magna when hit square on.

    I have had to take evasive action a few times to avoid being rear ended at traffic lights.

    Just because it hasn't happened to you or you don't know anyone who has had it happened doesn't mean jack.
  13. My thoughts exactly. It's one of those right place at the wrong time things.
  14. All well and good. I've never been rear ended at all either driving or otherwise but I'm not waiting around for it to happen. Once is 1 too many times
  15. I assume you mean lane filtering as this is totally different to lane splitting which is done at speeds over 30 kph. My view is that it is ok for learners to do it provided that they know when it is safe to do it, and can do it without damaging cars around them. As a learner though, you need to be aware of the consequences if booked as it is a lot more severe than for other riders. Not sure of the rules in Vic (I assume that is where you are), but you may be risking licence suspension if booked, especially if it happens more than once. Fines are one thing, suspensions are a whole lot nastier. But if you are prepared to take the risk, go for it. I personally lane filter, but it is legal in my state.
  16. Yeh sorry guys. I meant filtering not splitting. I dont split under any circumstances. I'm neither comfortable nor experience enough to do it
  17. Lane splitting or filtering is not about safety, it's about superiority.....
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  18. Yeah its your choice, its like saying you only wear leather pants cos you're afraid if you fall you might get gravel rash..

    That's completely your choice.. My main point is the legality of it all in VIC.

    If you filter and scrape a cars side , for example, how do you explain it to your insurance that you are riding between cars..

    At the end of the day I'm just saying to protect yourself, and also yourself from any sort of legal aspect should something unexpected happen.

    Don't risk paying for something (cos its not legally accepted here) because you're scared of something that may or may never happen...

    /convo from me.. ***circular discussion possibility high***
  19. Yeh that actually puts it perfectly for me. I'm looking for more of the legality side of it. And like you said it would be hard to explain to a cop or person whose car I have just dented why I was filtering.

    "Why were you filtering?"
    "Cos I fcuking can"
    *Puts on sunglasses* *Cue opening theme tune from CSI Miami*

  20. Not if you live in a heavily populated area Paul, then it's about getting to work on time.

    On the rear ended thing, once could be enough to kill you, my count is zero rear endings & I'll split & filter whenever & however I can to keep it that way. Your experience doesn't line up with mine, that doesn't mean either of us are wrong, but the stats tell another story as Rob pointed out.
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