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{Moved from Riding Tips} Upgrading. Advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Amazone, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I'll be upgrading in November after doing my time on a Ninja 650 RL. Before I got my 'L's I thought I was a cruiser kind of girl but as it turned out I'm a bit of a Hoon and I've thoroughly enjoyed the sportier Ninja. I've ridden the Ninja 1000 and find that it 'fits' my height much better than my 650. Nice bike but still not making my heart beat fast enough. I'm smitten by the look of the MG California but the specs tell me the ride height is lower than my current bike. I also like the Griso. Aus sales figures indicate to the Guzzis are not well favored. Any reason? Would the forward control position on the Cali make enough of a difference to keep a tall rider comfortable? Can't ride one yet so looking for advice.

  2. Ever ridden a V twin,a lot different to i4
  3. Nope, only ridden the Ninjas. I've sat on the Griso and the MG sport. Can't legitimately test ride until November. Harley riding mates scoff at my flirtation with the Guzzis.
  4. Get a Buell then,great hoon bike.
  5. Hmm, looks good. Probably should have mentioned that I'm moving closer to the city. Planning to commute 50km (ish) to St Kilda daily. Starting to think I can have more than one bike :)

    @Blabbs. Jocularity Blabbs. Should have known better than to take you at your word.
  6. Seat height on cruisers arent a big deal, my vt1100 has a really low seat but even with floorboards not that far forward I am still comfortable at 6'2" on it.

    The guzzis arent as popular because they were run poorly by management in the late 90s early 2000s before piaggio bought them with poor quality control. The brand hasnt recovered even if the quality control is much better now.
  7. Thanks @ Vertical C..
  8. Hi Amazone, I've a soft spot for the Guzzis as well.

    As VC said, their quality is much better now.

    BOL for the next bike. :)
  9. Thanks LL. I'm looking forward to some test rides.
  10. Don't just look at seat heights as seat width plays a big part in being comfortable with the bike!
    Sit on as many as you can to narrow your list down, also a lot of bikes can be lowered through suspension etc.
    Have fun upgrading but take your time because you're the only one that has to like your bike & if it doesn't make you grin every time you throw your leg over it then you've chosen wrong ;)
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  11. I just switched from hornet900 to ninja1000, learning curve and early days, what sort of riding are you planning? If you CAN have 2 bikes, then do the 'commuter' and weekend'r as well :) half your luck, and good luck with your search :)
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  12. I use to love riding the Guzzi 1200 sport. Definitely not a sports bike. More like a Jason recliner that leans around corners and makes a good farty noises.
    And it kinda has a quirky good look..retro but...not.
    Parts are ok to get, warranty can be a ... pain. Kahfuffle? haha. They are reliable and I guess they really want to know what went wrong when something does go wrong. Instead of your more Japanese "you wanna free bowl of rice with that" service.
    I had to sell bikes for six months once. I'm a shocking salesman BTW. I sold one Guzzi and it was a Norge haha. Sold a bucket load of V2 Aprillia dirties that all blew up. Screw selling bikes
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  13. Looking at the pair og Guzzi's you've flagged, it could be that a vmax or diavel could be enticing. Diavel is perhaps a bit low and not too sure about the vmax for height.

    Cheeper option is possibly a z1000. Nowhere near as glitzy as the other bikes but a dream to ride and own... apparently
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  14. CB1000
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  15. Will do Azz. I grin every ride even though I'm scrunched up on the 650. Actually, there was this one time I popped an unintended mono and squealed a bit.

    Hey Goddie, yep, I like the height and fit of the 1000. My circumstances have changed since original post and I'm moving to the city. I'm a bit keen on a city bike and the V7 Racer makes my heart beat faster but I suspect it's a girlie thing.

    Exactly :)

    Added to the list - ta
  16. #16 goddie, Jun 18, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2013
    is that an Italian thing? lol

    Viscera has the beast zx14!!
  17. What about a Ducati 1100 monster or such?? Great bike, goes like stink and can handle very well. Sound gorgeous and feels really light and tiny to ride
    07 Aprillia Turno. Still the best naked I have ridden, but haven't ridden the new one yet