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{Moved from Riding Tips} Next LAMS bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ssadam, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Currently I ride a CB125E and am bitten by the bike bug badly and am already planning my next bike.

    My criteria are:
    - has to be new (Mrs rule)
    - has to be a LAM's bike
    - has to have an upright riding position in keeping with my age (50)
    - has to be less than $10k ride away

    I have narrowed it down to the BMW GS 650 @ $9990 ride away or the Honda CB500F @ $8500 ride away (or maybe even the CB500x). I wont be going off road but may do some commuting but mainly weekend use. Does anyone have these bikes and what do they think?
  2. I'm in a fairly similar position and settled on a CB500X (not quite new). Partly it was a matter of what was available locally, but it ticked so many boxes: ABS, easy to ride, pretty light, great fuel consumption, great on the often poor local roads. I'm only a couple of weeks in, but have no regrets so far. A bonus I hadn't thought about is that parts seem to be cheap: new handlebars (yes, I had an off already) are $30, and my local Honda dealer have told me they keep being pleasantly surprised at parts prices.

    Anyway, it's one worth considering.
  3. I suggest you ride them if you already haven't. The Bmw has heated grips and centre stand as well as an upright position, the Honda is about 10deg forward lean and more knee bend, but they are different creatures to ride
  4. I'm a CB500F rider. I don't know what extras are included with the bike you got a quote on, but you should be able to get it for under 8k.
  5. No extras - thats what I was quoted.! or $200 less for the X.

    Not happy Jan!
  6. It's up to you to find the best price. If necessary try a few different dealers when you are ready to buy.
    They are in business to make money and pay the bills so don't expect them to make you the best offer up front. They will also look for buying signs before they commit to a deal so you won't always get their best price unless they think they can get a sale.
  7. You're not really trying. I did a quick search and $8,500 is the ticket 'ride away' price for the CB500F in Sydney it seems. If you were in WA, there are deals like https://www.hondashop.com.au/Product/2514/CB500F_ABS_2014_Model/ ($7,790 ride away).

    Push 'em hard, it's the worst time of year for bike sales, you can get much better prices than you've currently got.
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  8. I thought there was no movement on hideaway prices on bikes - though I'll probably get different trade in prices on my learner bike depending on how hungry they are for a sale.
  9. So have you learnt something ?
  10. Mainly that I need to do some more selling to my wife to get permission to trade up my bike so soon!
  11. I initially read that as you were selling your wife to trade up your bike. Didn't sound quite right, but I thought I shouldn't be judgemental.
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