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{Moved from Riding Tips} First service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by kevinnugent, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. #1 kevinnugent, Feb 21, 2014
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    Looking for some guidance for new owners..

    My bike is booked in for its first service on Tuesday. 1,000 ks.

    It's up to about 940 now, and the ride to Pro Honda is about 35ks. But this weekend looks brilliant for a ride. I usually do about 120 - 150 on a normal outing. If I did that tomorrow, I'd be bringing it in for its first service at about 1,130ks.

    Is that too far over for warranty purposes, or should I play it safe? Or am I being too wussy?
  2. My third service is due at 12,000. But my last ride took it to 18,500. I wouldn't sweat it, but that is me...
  3. I took mine in at 1, 100, I dont think itl be a problem mate
  4. Any where between 1-2 thousand, but I wouldn't leave longer than 2000, that first oil change is important.
  5. 1000 on the dot like me haha.

    Nah I wouldn't stress to much about it.
  6. earlier the better but I wouldn't be too fussed going a bit over
  7. Any other service, I wouldn't be asking. I want the first one to be right. Thanks guys.
  8. You'll be right mate. A couple of hundred over is no biggie!
  9. +1
  10. Did a quick 150ks on her this morning. Now sitting on 1,090. 35 to the Pro Honda dealer on Tuesday morning with the Oil Change light on. It was worth it today. Blew a lot of cobwebs out, got to test and play with the new Sena SMH10 and had some fun. :)
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  11. Similar question here....can only get mine in for its first service in two weeks, already 130 over....the lady on the other end was a bit hesitant when I mentioned I wanted to ride it in those two weeks....so how much over is too much????? If I cant ride it then I hope it rains like it is today!!!!!