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{Moved from Reviews} Which GPS?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by OG, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. im thinking of getting a gps for some inter state trips , anyone have something not too much $ that is decent \ good battery and can be taken off the bike without much fuss?

    fairly simple one so ill leave it there , cant really mout the phone anywhere , id love something with a magnet on the back i could stick on the tank

  2. If your fork stem is hollow you can get a ram mount for your phone.
  3. if your bike has handle bars, or brake/clutch reservoirs, a fork stem, or anything that bikes typically have a guarantee you Ram-Mount has something for your bike and chosen device.

    If you have a smart phone just use that.

    Pro's = you probably already own one, you always have it with you, its battery will last as long if not longer than the battery on a single purpose gps, if you need more power you will have to wire it in regardless.

    Con's not weather proof, but there are plenty of options available for that.

    in the rain my phone is protected by the bikes windshield and fairings, in a torrential down poor i would just put it in a pocket inside my jacket and just use audio only. If the screen of the device is wet good luck being able to see it anyway.
  4. FWIW - I use an iPhone, with TomTom GPS on it. I don't mount it - I just use the voice instructions via earbuds. Works fine.
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  5. I think one of the best is the garmin zumo660.
    Great features but not cheap.
    Things like recording tracks of your travels and being able to setup routes to follow are a plus.

    Blue tooth or loudspeaker comes with a mount for your bars or brake/mirror mount.

    Check out the ram mount web site put in bike model and they will suggest mounts for your bike.

    I got mine from johnny Appleseed GPS in Melbourne.
  6. There's a vendor on here who has a big range of mounts, check the vendors section maybe.
  7. The garmin 350lm is likewise good.
  8. Never understood the need to see the GPS, the voice directions you get from having it in your pocket with ear phones have always worked well for me with the phone GPS.
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  9. Because you can't make a custom route and have your phone tell you when to turn. All the phone can do is tell you the quickest way to your destination.

    If you veer away from the quickest route your phone will just keep telling you how to get back to the quickest route (or next waypoint).

    With a proper GPS you can made your desired route as windy and out of the way as you like and it will just tell you when to turn.
  10. I have strike genius bt which was created specifically for motorcycles. The cradle is a charger which is hard wired to your bike, weather proof, glare proof and you can download your route from Google maps. It reroutes on the fly as well. It alsi gives you options to skip highways and toll rds. And create a route if google is not available.
    I checked the gps signal in the middle of the rnp and it did not drop out.
    Comes with a bluetooth head set but is compatible with sena etc...
  11. TomTom on iPhone and probably all there other devices with up to date FW do this.

    you can create a route, tell it to take you the windiest route, adjust the level of windiness, and much more.

    the only thing it is imo missing is the ability to save a route you create.
  12. Hey MadAzz, how's the long-term usefulness of this GPS? I am in need of one soon, and I like the look of this (and its price)...Cheers mate!
  13. i HAD a Strike (lost it due to my own fault) but in the relatively short time I had it, it was OK. Doesn't have the really high end features like fuel range calculation but you can certain create and save routes. It'll recalculate if you go off route but you have to hit an icon on the screen to make it happen. Didn't lose signal and was brighter than a phone. You need to use the hardwire option as the battery life is (at best) three hours.
    My main criticism is that the instruction booklet is short on detail and it took a while to work out how to use the functions. There is a more detailed version of the owners manual available online but you have to search to find it. Speed camera alert is an extra cost from Navteq and in my case the map update software was not fully compatible (probably works for most people)
    I suspect that the Zumo has it beaten on ease of use but then it's two to three times the price.
  14. Okay here is the strike genius I have that is gathering dust it is near new never been on the road or exposed to the weather.

    It did however donate its water proof plug to my tom-tom so the cable as you will see in the pictures will need to be reattached.

    Alternatively you could purchase a new cradle from the manufacturer for $66 here.

    It comes with everything that was in the retail box (BT headset mounting gear etc and the box).

    Cheapest one on ebay is $275 so I will let this go for $175 so even if you choose to buy a new cradle it's still a bargain.

    It's sold as is and there won't be any refunds, you can pick it up if you live in Sydney or it will be posted registered.

    First person to PM me gets it.

    if you low ball me on the price i will respond with a "go fcuk yourself"

    IMG_0280. IMG_0281. IMG_0282. IMG_0283.
  15. Thanks heaps @titus, it sounds like the kind of GPS im looking for. I really can't justify an expensive GPS right now, in the future ill definitely get a Zumo.
  16. SOLD (Pending Payment)

  17. Johnny Appleseed are running a special on the zumo at the moment (got an email a day or two ago).