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{Moved from R/gear} Getting riding jeans tailored [Syd]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by plaidler, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. g'day all,
    new to the world of riding and was wondering where would i get a pair of draggin jeans tailored as they fit me perfectly but are too long in the leg.
    Would a normal tailor do?

  2. Dragin Jeans in Port Melbourne I think will do custom dragins for you. Walk in size up 2-3 weeks new jeans.
  3. Wash them first, they may shrink in length a little. Then tailor them.
  4. cheers all
  5. Pull em up--your undies look shit anyway.
  6. /thread
  7. Tailored jeans for on the bike? o_O This must surely be some weird alternate universe :cautious:

    whatever happened to originals?
  8. Lose weight?
  9. actually any sewing machine will be able to be used. I'v taken up all my jeans with the sewing machine.
  10. How long are they?

    they're meant to be a little longer than normal jeans so they don't ride up when you're riding/sitting on the bike, and more importantly while you're sliding down the road.
  11. I'll save you some money, but you will need a friend for this, but here goes.

    Put jeans on
    Put normal riding boots on
    Stand on chair
    Have friend fold jeans up to desired height
    Have friend pin the new 'hem'.
    note: if there is more than a couple of inches of excess use scissors to cut off excess.
    Get down from chair
    Carefully take jeans off
    Find needle and thread
    Sew new hem on jeans

    Simple, it'll take you about 30 minutes and the money you've saved can be used to buy a tank or two of fuel...
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  12. This would require less beer and pizza, obviously not happening :p
  13. #realworldproblems