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{Moved from Pub} Riders seem to be a friendly bunch!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kevinnugent, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Had my license only a 5 days today. I haven't really experienced the camaraderie of bikes before now.

    But I was stopped this afternoon checking my tyre pressure at the service station. Asked about what sort of bike I had, how it was, and interested in the three wheel concept. Very friendly big dude on a Harley. :)

    Nice experience totally out of the blue.
  2. If I saw you at a servo when I was filling up, I'd ask too. Congrats on your licence. Have fun mate.
  3. Isn't Ipswich in Queensland????

    You could have been arrested you rebel, you....
  4. Haha. Maybe! I doubt they could make it stick. (Then again, those guys in the Yandina Five are copping it pretty hard from reports I've read.)

    I was wearing a black jacket, a black helmet and black gloves though. Very frightening to small children and fawns.
  5. he was trying to pic you up seeing hes on a Harley and all
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  6. he saw your l plates and decided he wanted to learns ya some lessons
  7. So you're Ipswich? Just try to avoid using Ipswich's motorbike stores if possible. Seriously, I'd trust a random galah out bush before any of Ipswich's bike stores (and yes, I could tell you some Ipswich horror stories - well technically not horror stories, although it might depend of how obsessed you are about bikes - ok, horror stories. But I'm digressing).
  8. There's a new one in town that moved from another site. They seem professional enough and their prices are ok. I stopped out front of Ultimate Motorcycles in One Mile today and had a nice chat with an older rider about his helmet. I'm on the lookout for a Nolan N43 Trilogy, and as luck would have it, there was this guy about to get on his VStrom and he was donning that very helmet. We had a nice long chat about them and what he liked and disliked.
  9. He was hitting on you.
  10. Oh, I doubt that. I'm 6'2 and 120kg of ugly. :)

    Took the Piaggio out to Esk this afternoon, via Lake Wivenhoe. Man, you get a buffeting with the open face helmets at 100 kph. I'm going to have to dig out my old full face for any highway riding I think. Had a lovely run though, with minimal traffic each way. First real solo decent ride.
  11. 'Bike' and 'three wheels' don't go together in the same sentence.
  12. I'm not getting it either. It's a three wheeled scooter
  13. WTF you two knuckleheads got against three wheel scooters....they do awesome wheelies

  14. and, here we go again
  15. Awwww. And I was just sayin how nice some bike riders were. Love the internets.
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  16. Its all ok. Its Aussie to call people you like nasty names.
  17. I had two Ipswich bike stores attempt to insist on selling me the wrong size tyres because they didn't have the correct tyres in stock. Ultimate & Top Gun are fine as retail stores, but that's all you can say for them. Their servicing departments leave much to be desired. Between them and Express Motorcycles, they almost make it not worthwhile owning a motorbike in Ipswich.
  18. I think because of the type/brand of bike I have I'll be having servicing done in Brisbane anyway.

    I've gone right off Ultimate, actually. I've been in there twice now, and both times left without buying anything or being spoken to by anyone.
  19. The very fact the harley rider was talking to a scooter rider, you instantly know there's something homosexual going on.
  20. You sound interested. PM me your address. I'll send him around.
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