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{Moved from Pub} How often do you change bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrila, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    Just interested to hear how often the people on this forum change bikes. Reason I ask is I'm really enjoying my z750 but I'm already having a hankering to get on a 1000. The reason for it is just silly... just because I can!

    Anyway just wanted to know what people consider is an "acceptable" :LOL: amount of time to trade out their bikes. Also if you do swap out your bikes on a scheduled or regular basis what price bracket do you generally go for?

    I might add please no flamming on peoples financial choices, this is just a light, out of interest discussion!

    I'll start...
    Had my z750 for a year now and am tossing up on upgrading again. Nothing wrong with the bike, but I'm already wanting to mod it thinking the money would be better spent on a bigger bike and one thats already had the pipe and bits of bling already done.

    Before that I had a zeal for my LAMS component which I kept for a year before trading it in. Pretty much forced into it as the cost of repair was worth more than the bikes value. Got a trade in value I couldn't refuse and ended up making a profit in the end!

    Next bike I would sensibly try to keep it under 10k... stretch to 12k if its something I like. If the bike was a "life keeper" I'd consider going all out for 20-25k for the new Superduke. Finding it hard to justify though..... would definitely have to be a life keeper and not a passing fling.
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  2. I get a new (old) bike every nine months or so. Sometimes quicker, i went a bit crazy in the last few years and was going through bikes (owned 13 different ikes in 3 years). I am slowing down at the moment, there isnt a bike I really want at the moment.

    I get cheap bikes. You dont need a reliable bike if you have multiple bikes. But wven cheap Japanese is oretty good.

    Thinking of selling the shadow at the moment.
  3. My plan is to own a higher end bike which I won't let my self swap for at least 2+ years. The price range for the keeper $12K to $15 K.

    Then I'll have my passing fling which can be swapped ever year. Price range for the fling is $5 to $8.
  4. Not going to get much for $8
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    Haha. Sorry, meant $5K to $8K.

    Those are my price ranges for pre-owned bikes.

    For example waiting to find an '03 Ninja ZXR-6R (636). Only looking to spend $5k to $5500.

    Once the Brutale 800 gets into the $12k to $14K range for a pre-owned, I think it'll be time to upgrade the 910S.
  6. I think he meant $8.00;)
  7. I've had the current bike for 2.5 years. I got the urge to change it a few months back, but can't see anything else (well maybe an FJR) which would do the same job.
  8. I had my first bike for 3 months, my second bike died after 4 years, I had my 3rd bike for 2 years before I sold it and I've had my current bike for coming up 12 years.
  9. Used to change every 18 months to 2 years, but am slowing down. I guess it depends on what you buy etc. Ive only ever bought one second hand bike, the rest have been new.
  10. On my first bike... it's a 250. Plan on upgrading as soon as I legally can [and obviously can afford to], was planning on keeping next bike for awhile [5yrs or so].. Everyone claims I'll upgrade within 3 or less years. We'll see :)
  11. My garage keeps growing, got back into riding 3 years ago and average a bike a year only issue is I haven't sold any.

    So much fun jumping from one to the next and swapping with mates for comparisons.
  12. Which one is your favourite so far Wally?
  13. I love my old CBR929RR,just comfortable and fun. The Gixxer is all business but just not as good for touring, the CBR can hold a good amount under the seat even a few beers for when you get to your destination..
  14. Once I got off my restrictions I've had a different bike on average every 6 months. Zx6r, GSXR600, CBR600 and now a CBR250rr. Come May I'll be getting a CBR954. Which I am hoping will be a keeper.