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{Moved from Politics} Think I will stop riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Short ride to get out and about today, FTG to Seymour via yea and back.

    Pulled over 4 times, 2 tickets the result, and 1 month loss of licence.

    In 40 yrs of riding, I seem to have gone from never being pulled up to being pulled up at least once a day,whether commuting, in the back blocks or wherever.

    One of the tickets was 1 kmh over their tolerance.
    The other ticket, I will give them some credit, was looking down the barrel at impoundment and jail time, after a discussion, was written down as only being 29kmh over the speed limit. It was the curves after all.
    I know I shouldnt have been speeding, but seriously?
    There is no joy left in riding anymore.
    OK for people to brake check me, run me off the road, and be total dickheads without lookig at their mirrors, but I accumulated more points today than in the last 40 yrs.

    Sick and tired of being pulled over just because I ride a bike.
    I reckon most 1%ers dont ride a bright red ducati!
  2. Nice Chrissy present,at least you Mexs don't ge double demerits.Mate its a game to be won ,at least on my old Italian I don't have your temptation but I do have tactics that work for me.Fingers crossed.I always keep below 25 over and mostly even lower.On your average good bike road posted at 80. I do maybe 10 over but thats including the fun bits with bearly any acceleration out of the bends but linking them.Maybe not as much fun as spinning it up out of them but at least licence safe.
    I keep in the range of at least having a debate if pulled. We all just have to learn to live under the threat of shanks pony. Just the times we live in.I loose my license and I go Bankrupt ,simple as that.
  3. Sounds like track day time to me.
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  4. That really sucks but it's always wise to be extra careful during the holiday season (or whenever double demerits are in effect). This seems to be the time when cops show no mercy.
  5. That sucks mate.

    Take the 1 month break, do something else. Your mood will brighten (hopefully). It's not the end of "riding" as you put it.

    Hint: Find new unpopular roads. Go out and explore. Stop doing the same roads that everyone does. There are good desolate roads elsewhere :D Put in the effort..
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  6. 1kph over :( .....what type of pig issued that one.
  7. Which fine was issued first?
  8. +1 to this
  9. Too right. It's not even being booked, it's the constant alertness for the prospect of being booked that diminishes the pleasure of the ride.
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  10. Time to buy a cruiser?
  11. I've noticed lately that even out in the country away from the more popular bike roads you are likely to see police. I think they're having a big blitz/presence and it should taper off soon enough.
  12. I got rid of the cruiser, partly because I was sick of being treated like a soa wannabe
  13. Wrong time of year to enjoy yourself. Wait till the holidays are over.
  14. I never ride my bike during double points
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  15. Why the hell are we all made to feel like criminals every time we think about using the roads,be it on a bike or in a car. I get the impression they want everyone off their roads.
  16. Everyone who either openly doesn't follow the road rules or get caught while flouting them.. The key is, never get caught ;)
  17. Fcuking parasites. This bullshit has to stop. Isn't it enough they are destroying the Victorian economy by driving people and business out of the state? Now it's just permanent harassment. Lawful or not there is nothing wrong with giving a bike or a car a squirt when it's safe.

    Don't give up riding.
  18. was working for me for past 40 yrs - looks like it caught up with me today.
  19. Melba and Goulburn Valley hwy's? The plod are out there trying to stop citizens driving car loads of kids into trees.

    PS I was wondering where they had gone. Can you keep them busy tomorrow as well?
  20. The reason so many riders get caught speeding is that most bike riders do speed. It comes naturally Any 250 can easily exceed speed limits and most bike riders like to speed. Admit it : you do!
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