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{Moved from Polictics} Traffic fine interstate

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bastolinho, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Hi there,
    Last year my girlfriend got fined for failing to stop at a yellow light in cairns. Subsequently she wrote a complain that she did not beat the red light and apologized. Nevertheless we received a letter stating we had to attend court in cairns in december. We were not able to attend since we booked our holiday to the philippines month ago. Despite the fact that we gave them notice they increased the fone by $100.

    My question is,can they really enforce it? We live in victoria but hired a car registered in qld for our vacation in cairns.
    Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance!

  2. suggest you post a welcome post first before asking advice
  3. I'm trying to make sense of your post. So they thought she had disputed the fine and so it was sent yo court? Was there an ex-parte hearing (she didn't turn up) and she was found guilty and fined?

    They can't do anything to her Vic licence apart from the 3 demerit points or whatever the offence is in Qld. However, they can and may have suspended her right to drive in Qld. You may also find she has an outstanding warrant in Qld for not appearing in court.

    Either way if you ever want to go back to Qld I'd get it sorted. It may have other ramifications too re the outstanding warrant if she's stopped in Vic for anything and checks done.
  4. Your post does not make sense - poor English and too brief.

    Who is "they?" Licensing authority, police or the court? and there is no "we". No document was addressed to you both.

    But to answer your Q, her right to drive in Queensland roads can ultimately be revoked. VicRoads also has the authority to suspend her drivers license.

    The next time you create a thread, please read the post before submitting and ask yourself whether others will understand it.

    Thread also belongs in Pub, not here. Please get to know the lay-out and what belongs where.


    See #4, #5. Same Q has been asked and answered many times on Netrider.