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{moved from Newbies}250cc Bike Choices for newbie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pommiecat, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Got my assessment next week so my short arse rider thread will be coming to a close. I am looking at buying my first bike and after lots of deliberating have narrowed it down to
    Honda VTR250
    Kawa Ninja 250
    Over here in WA we can only go 250 max - we don't have LAMS (yet).

    These bikes are low enough for me without too much if any tweaking. I know there's been a lot of threads and questions about these two bikes already and it seems 50-50 in favour of either. I will be going 2nd hand dealer or private.
    Diff ride position and bike type aside, the cost of a relatively new Ninja is cheaper than the VTR of older age.

    So, my question is...what sort of kms can I realistically expect a bike to achieve. My 5k budget will buy a dealer Ninja 08 but won't get me a VTR younger than around 2004 with upto 60000km on the clock.

    What would you buy with your spondulicks if these were your only options?:-k

    Well, I'm off to get me a bottle of red and I'll read up your opinions later.

    cheers guys

  2. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    me personally i'd go with a VTR of those two. sound is a killer for me, and the new ninjas sound like a sewing machine
  3. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    I have fallen in love with my VTR over the past few weeks. The VTR was/is manufactured in Japan rather than Thailand and that's why they are more expensive. How much difference this has on reliability/longevity I can't say.

    I can tell you that I have a '99 (though with only 29,000 km, <3 mid-life crises) and it runs gorgeously. I can give you a bit more info on that last bit after I get a service at 30K but so far since owning it all I've done is change fluids/oil filter.

    Oh yeah, V-twins for the win.
  4. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    I would go with the VTR as it has no fairings so when you drop/fall off there is less to fix.

    I like the ninja but if I'd got one of those I would have been through a few sets of fairings by now (yes I suck).

    The power delivery of the VTR is also great. Very linear and pulls from 3000 right through to redline.

    60,000 is ok assuming that it has full service history. I will point out that the headlight on the VTR is bloody useless at night.
  5. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    No LAMS?? Get a screaming RGV250!
  6. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    +1 for the VTR250 as well. Loads of fun and very easy bike to learn on.

    $5K for a vtr250 with 60,000km is a bit too much. Did a quick search on a bike sales website and found a few around $5k with less than 25,000km.
  7. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Mate only you can answer that. What looks the best to you ??? And feels good to sit on. There both great bikes for learners. That's what they are designed for.
  8. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Yeah, Motorcycles are a passion.
    Which one makes you smile the most just looking at it???
    Which one just 'feels' right when you hop on???

    A friend lent me their spare bike ('09 250 Ninja) when my 650 V Star was written off & I must say it was a blast to ride.
    Not a ton of grunt (as with most 250's), but that just makes you use the gears to keep it in the power band. So light & flicks around easily.
    Around the twisties, I was all over the rear of bigger bikes (600's & 1L) even though the straights they just powered away. The next corner, I was right there again!

    My vote is definitely the Ninja!
    It's all a personal choice. Only you can make that choice for you!
  9. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie



    Last produced in '03 (? early 2000s anyway)


    Regarding VTR vs 250R, pick whatever you think is the best. Not much to separate them on paper...
  10. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    ^^ same engine
  11. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    If I was in your position I would go for the VTR, great bike that does everything well (just do a search for VTR250 on this forum and read all the positive comments).

    VTR250s are tough little bikes with strong engines, if you find a well maintained and serviced one then you should have many kms of trouble free riding. Keep in mind if you buy one with more than 40,000kms, it could be harder for you to sell in the future.

    There are VTR's out there with more than 80,000kms and still going strong.
  12. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Another vote for the VTR - but look around, you should be able to get a better deal than that.
    No use to you at all being the wrong side of the country, but I'm about to sell mine, 02 model but only 20000 kms, just serviced and 13 months rego, and I'd take $4k for it. Shouldn't be hard to find a similar sort of deal where you are.

  13. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Another vote for VTR, reason being I have one and I am loving it
  14. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Zzr 250. Cheap as chips and faster than the ninja.
  15. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    the ninja because it's called a ninja and ninjas are ****ing awesome
  16. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    unlike the bike.


    I know, go figure.

    VTR & Ninja 250?

    Or RS250 and RGV250?

    Reason I said RS250, it was produced recently (ish) and you'll still find one with decent amount of Ks and parts for it when you need to fix it.
  17. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    For what it's worth, I had a '99 VTR250 which I got at 10,000km secondhand and finished 18 months later with 56,000 on the clock. No issues with it during that time aside from a blocked carburettor one morning after filling up the night before, but that cleared itself up not long after.

    It was a fun bike around town and on twisty roads, where it can keep up with much bigger bikes fairly easily. Not so good when overtaking at freeway speeds, as the VTR250 only has about 34hp (similar to the Ninja 250/ZZR250), but such is life. Insurance was cheap too, much cheaper than any of the fully-faired bikes.
  18. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Thanks Guys,

    Lovin' your comments! I am leaning more towards that VTR. I keep seeing them and they look pretty good cruisin the cappucino strip in Freo!

    Passed my test yesterday so now in a hurry to get to the bike shops on Sat.


  19. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    My VTR is a '99 with under 30K km, running beautifully. Mentioned it in other threads but I opted for something a bit cheaper and then dropped about $1500 on gear. Another bonus of the VTR is if you have an aftermarket exhaust they sound a hell of a lot better than all of the other learner 250s :p

    Edit: oh and with the gear I got a bit carried away so I had some options for different conditions. Gloves, jacket and boots were ~$700.
  20. Re: 250cc Bike Choices for newbie

    Another vote for the VTR250.

    Got mine a few weeks ago, with a staintune exhaust. Lets just say..I love tunnels? :) It sounds beautiful and has good performance too. Such an easy bike to throw into corners.