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{Moved from Multi-media} Banned Aussie TV Commercial

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. I don't know why it was banned.
    Seems OK to me..quite a good message.

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  2. Do you know why it was banned ?
  3. Well I guess that's that then

  4. Some more reference..

    NAPCAN, Australia’s National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, launched a thought-provoking television/cinema campaign this year with “Children See, Children Do”. The 90 second spot features children following adults, mimicking their habits. At first the pattern appears to be innocuous, talking on a mobile phone while walking through a city square, making a call on a public telephone, waiting behind the yellow line in a railway station. The behaviour becomes more insidious with a girl copying a woman’s smoking habits on an escalator. A boy follows as a grown man carelessly knocks a struggling mother’s bag off her shoulder. We see examples of litter, drunken behaviour, road rage, racism and cruelty to animals. A woman yells at her baby, accompanied by her older daughter. A man is joined by his son as he verbally and physically abuses his wife.

    The Ad was soon banned. I cant find the exact reasons for its banning but i am guessing something to do with the violent scenes at the end? Do ads like this really work? Are the people who have such scant regard for how their children may emulate their behaviour really going to care or appreciate being told not to be so naughty? I think that only the responsible parents are going to respond to this message – as a reinforcement of what they already know is the right thing to do??

    Some links...
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  5. in SA its called Elizabeth , every city has one

    Generational Feralism ....
  6. Your links are all third person though, NAPCAN claim the ad is not banned
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    What NAPCAN say is this..

    We provide this video for free to support those working in our area. NAPCAN continue to use this video which is available on our websites, www.napcan.org.au and on our campaign site along with a range of other NAPCAN produced CSA's.

    Is this spin for " It was pulled from free to air TV but it's still available on the internet and therefore, because it's still available in some form of media, it's technically not banned." ?
    Just a thought.
  8. There is nowhere concrete to say the ad was banned.
    Napcan say in their correspondence they don't understand why people say it was banned. Napcan never made it a TV commercial just a youtube video.
    Only thing I can think of and it's pure speculation, is that they made the ad with the intention of putting it in tv but due to cost restrictions they pulled the plug. then chinese whispers turned it into a banned ad.
  9. It's not a bad rumor to have when you don't have the budget for television ads.
  10. which earned the ad more attention than it would ever get if they put it to air.

    Follow the money to where the rumour started :)
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