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{Moved from Mods} Fuelbot Suzuki SV650S

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Rhino86, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. I recently brought a 2005 Suzuki SV650S and discovered they skimped on a fuel guage.
    Anyone who has a SV get's the fuel warning light with 4litres left and solid light with around 1.5 litres left, bloody annoying as you can ride 60-70km with the warning light before it becomes solid.

    TeeRiver on SVRider engineered a accurate product called Fuelbot, it works for Suzuki SV's & GS's and Triumph speedie.
    Fuelbot real time monitoring:
    1: RPM
    2: Fuel Guage
    3:Instant km/100
    4: Average km/100
    5: Litres left
    6: Litres used

    There is a few video's on you tube.

    So I've got one and going to add it the the SV, pretty easy installation, the optional LCD will take a bit of extra work to water proof. I'll be taking pictures of the project.
  2. Ok, plus maybe you could tell the boys and girls a bit about yourself while you're at it.
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    Righto, I learned on my Yamaha TT350 & my brothers YZf450 around Swanbank, Queensland.
    Rode a GSXR-750 and sold the bikes when brought a house, now back into them.
    Not much for the other forums around so thought I've poke around on netrider.

    Enjoying the SV650S, pretty good linear torque. Testing out a few mods and planning a few projects on her. Hawk alarm and Fuelbot project. Sure beats the crap on tv at night.

    The Fuelbot arrived on Friday, professional product, all the right connectors. Connects to the speed sensor, rpm signal and fuel injection system.
    The mode button mounts to the clutch bolt.
    To calibrate you fill the tank, the fuelbot monitors this tank, then next tank you run through the calibration and it compares the last tank to the current tank and your done.

    I've yet to mount the LCD screen into the plastic near the guages, it's sealed so I've currently mounted on the clutch cable while I test.
    Niffy unit to monitor if your bike if it is running rich, or want to see how much fuel she's draining at high revs or want to find out the best ways to give you better economy.

    Took about 30 minutes to setup as I already has most of the bike apart for a service.
    Now to test the accuracy, should get 95% without calibration as it's been 3 years in production. After calibration other guys get 97% accuracy.
  4. FFS,if your that paranoid about running out of fuel, stay at home.This sort of shit is embarassing.