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{Moved from General} Yamaha Road Warrior vs Triumph Speedmaster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Azzab, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Now that I have the VFR400 for the track Im pretty close to selling the Superduke and buying a cruiser so I can slow down a little on the road and Leah and I can do some short distance touring.

    Ive narrowed it down to the Yamaha and Triumph. The Triumph has a nice peppy motor which would be fun through the hills and the new 2011 has got a mean chopper style look, but has just enough power for 1up, 2up could be a prob. The Yamaha has a meatier torquier engine and is a little heavier but would be better for 2up riding, but maybe less fun in the hills.

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these bikes that they can share?

  2. The yamaha will have the extra grunt when going 2up, although both will carry 2 people then yamaha will be alot more relaxed about it.

    So guess the question is how much 2up riding will you be doing.

    I ride a 1600 Nomad (panniers and all) and I have plenty of fun in the hills!!
  3. Honestly not sure on how much 2up we'll be doing. Wont know till we get it I suppose :)
  4. Scrap both off them and buy a M109R
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  5. The M109r is worth considering, it is a lot of bike though. That's good or bad depending on your point of view.
  6. Haha third person to say that to me. Too heavy and too much power, trying to slow down damn it ;)
  7. From memory the road warrior is 300+ kg dry, the M109r is approx 320 dry, not much in it. I've had mine for over a year and weight has never been an issue, I'm 80kg and 5 foot 10.
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    It's a personal 'feel' thing, of course, but I always have trouble comprehending a claim that this or that litre bike does not have enough power for two up. And I'm not light. Is it from experience of the bike that you are saying that or from figures on paper and hearsay?

    If you are trying to slow down then perhaps the more torquey, and less peppy, motor might be better for you anyway?
  9. Hmm I thought the M109R was circa 350kg? The specs on the Warrior I saw were 275kg. Will have to double check now.

    It'll be my second form of transport too. Just mindfull of lugging a massive power cruiser out of the garage every second day for a 10 min ride to the gym. I know cruisers are not ideal errand runners which is why Im happy to sacrifice power for weight.
  10. They are only heavy when you drop them!
    By the time you mod the pipes on a 9 the weight is even lighter.
  11. No I've ridden both now, the America and Speedmaster. Both as I saw were quite peppy but lacked a little overtaking power with me on it. Just assumed that with an extra 60kg (55kg wife and 5kg luggage) it might struggle a little more.

    I'm definately used to the torque of the Superduke and agree with you, that motor would be better for slower short bursts of fun. Thanks, good point![DOUBLEPOST=1357635812][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hahaha, personal experience?
  12. Your money, your choice, but test ride as many as you can before you lay the money on the table - you may be surprised.
  13. [quote="

    Hahaha, personal experience?[/quote]

    No yet :) would imagine it would be though
  14. Good point! Ive ridden a Bonneville, America, Speedmaster, M50, Vulcan Custom and now the Road Warrior. Who am I to say no to another ride on a new bike ;)

  15. well test ride all you can, i run around on my kwaka 1600 everyday with the panniers on 10 minutes or 10 days doesnt matter really, personal choice :)
  16. Nooooo not the superduke! Surely she can sit on the back of that?
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  17. i like the look of the yam road star, plenty grunt there
  18. Another thing to consider as i did with the VN1600 is hydraulic valves which means if your handy with basic tools you can service the bike yourself very easily :)
  19. Good news is I rode the Warrior today over Mt Nebo and Glorious. What a blast! I was however exhausted when I got to Miaila having to wrestle the bloody thing around but shit it handles and brakes well.

    It was a little uncomfy (read Im short) but I know I could fix that. The grunt from the motor is perfect. Heaps of torque to give rapid acceleration but a very low redline so you cant wind the thing out and carry on like a porkchop. The Warrior seems just right, not the lightest nor heaviest cruiser, not the slowest or fastest just a great in between. In fact with its handling I'd nearly go on to say perfect for me.

    Problem is the change over price isnt good enough. So unless the shop or I crack its back to the drawing board. Disappointing really cause I can see myself for sure on that bike!!! :)
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