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{moved From General} Xvs650 Or Not

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ashrose, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. ok guys, ive posted on here a couple of times about bits and peices on my hyosung gv250.
    apart from some ribbing about a shit bike i always got good addvice..thanks.
    any way as heading says im on the market for a new bike. my lil hyo T-boned a corolla @ 50ks the other day and without saying the bike and my self came off second best. anyway im looking at second hand xvs650"s for my second bike. im on L plates so have the LAMS stuff to think about. any other sugestions or hints on what to lookout for. my budget is $7000 max.
    also whats the dif in riding between chain and drive sharft (im used to chain).
    any advice is welcome, i cant aford to waste money or time on the wrong purchase.

  2. Xvs650 is a great lams bike
    Only difference between chain and shaft really is that the shaft drive is pretty much maintenance free
    Nothing really bad with these bikes
    Just look for drop damage (personally I would walk away, plenty of others around)
    If you get one with aftermarket exhaust ask for original pipes also
    Try and get one with extras too ie windscreen, bags etc etc
    $7000 should get you a good one
    Good luck
    $7000 will get you a good example
    Good luck
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  3. Shaft drive means zero maintenance between services. I've got one with chain, one with shaft. Get a shaft driven.
  4. Shaft drive is heavier, more expensive and slightly less efficient in transferring power than a chain (you also can't change the drive ratio like you can with changing sprockets).

    The advantage to shaft drive is that it eliminates the need for constant cleaning, lubeing and tension adjustment (though when it does need servicing it's a much bigger job). Shaft drive is also generally smoother and quieter.

    XVS650 is probably the best choice if you want to stay with a cruiser. Though if you're looking at second hand you could also consider the Honda VT600.

    Just don't buy a GV650 Hyo.
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  5. lol.. yeah will do Jd.
    hyo's out the window for me now but vt 600 might have a look. thanks
  6. lv got a v star 650 which i bought s/hand. Have had no problens at all. The shaft drive is smooth quiet ( as the other guys said) and best of all maintance free. No cleaning and regooin as with chains. Mosr of the ones for sale at the moment seem to have plenty of extras on them already. Are you ok after you altercation with the corolla ? As you are looking at bikes I asume yours didn't come through the encounter in top shape.
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  7. thanks for asking HOTROD. yep im ok. old lady oncoming did a right hand turn infront of me, had enough time to just apply the breaks beffore hiting her. banged up my left hand but no bones broken luckily. as for the bike. the front wheel was pushed up under radiator and the forks where twisted to the left at the bottom and to the right at the top,handle bars where bent down a bit and the head stem (is that what its called) was bent down and to the right. suprisingly i stayed ond the bike and only came of coz i droped her from a stand still...put a great big split in her front passanger door tho. bikes a wright off
  8. bad news about the crash mate glad your ok though :D if you need a LAMS and want a cruiser id go with the XVS650 (custom) hope you you get what you need soon cheers
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  9. Good to hear you fairly allright. If you do the same thing on a v star youll probably go strait through the car.They are a little on the heavy side. Great to ride around on. Rod.
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  10. thanks guy another question....
    had a look at a bike on bikesales, just around the corner. Problem is bells n whistles are goin of about the Kms on it heres the add
    As i said the Ks turn me way off and the price

    Last Modified Date 31/10/2012
    Bike 2005 YAMAHA V-Star XVS650 Custom
    Price $6,500* < what should i offer
    Learner Approved
    Odometer 62,000 kms < how much life left in her
    Body Cruiser
    Colour White
    Engine Capacity 649
    Reg Plate GG549
    Reg Expiry SEP-12 <now unregestered
    Road Worthy Certificate Yes
    VIN M602E36647
    RefCode SSE-AD-866578
    Long Comments New Vance & Hines Short Shot Pipes.
    New Hyper Charger. ........................................ <<< ??????????
    Saddle Bags
    Sissy Bar
    plus many extras
  11. i don't ride cruisers...one day...one day i will...AND I'LL fcukING CRASH IT FIRST CHANCE I GET...will love every minute of it and probably buy another....

    the weight...be sure your ready to take it on is my only advice as once you step away from the 250 cruisers...all the bigger ones are heavy fcukers. (by all means go the 600/650 just be careful...alternatively there is also the honda vt400 cruiser.)
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  12. The milage is getting up there. I don't know what sort of milage these things are good for. The vance and hines short shots are a great sound and are worth about $600.00 plus fitting. The hypercharger is an up market air cleaner with butterflies that open up to let more air in as required . About another $500.00 fitted.Google them to have a look . The combo of hypercharger and short shots does give the bike a bit more grunt. Just fitted both to my v star.

  13. +1 to this ... vance & hines short shots sound pretty good, had a xvs at my p's course with them on...was impressed considering how piss weak they sound with the standard kit.
  14. With 60k on the odometer the question to ask is how long are you planning on keeping it? If you're worried 60k is too much then think how difficult it might be to find a buyer if you put another 20k on it.

    Given what they're worth new I reckon if you could get it for 5k (or less) it'd be worth it, but you should be able to do a lot better for 6.5k.
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  15. 62000 isn't that much as it will go 120000 at least as it is overengineered.

    But yeah the price is too dear because you could spend a little more and then get something with half the kms.
  16. I paid $7900 for a 2010 model with less than 4000 km on the clock. Not much in the way of accessories on it (wind screen and small highway bars) but otherwise virtually new only $1400 more.
  17. i paid 6k for 12000
    but it wasnt well kept - rain ridden n asking price
    was 7 k. mines classic which are dearer.
    short shots i recon are too loud , but thats a
    personal thing i spose.

    pipes will set u back min $450 DIY so yer as
    above pipes are a bonus.

    i would hold off for lower ks as you wont be able
    to resell it - as above.

    whennis ya lams up ? the 1100 is a better bike...
  18. If you are worried about the K's, then any future buyer will be too. If you plan to upgrade in the future (and most 650 cruiser riders do go bigger), then I wouldn't buy it.
  19. The mileage isn't too much of an issue if its looked after. But there are heaps of lower mileage bikes around
    In your price range I would be looking for something with less than 10,000kms for sure.
    Just my opinion
    I sold my XVS650 with 3500kms for not much more than $7k
    And my neighbour is selling an xvs400 (I think that's the right model) that's been turned into a bobber style too for the same money
  20. yer thats the thing like middo implies ( i think )
    its cheaper to buy the 1100 as you will want bigger
    one day - it depends if you hold out till r date is
    over . ...
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