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{Moved from General} Wrong side of the road!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. #1 evelknievel75, Jul 20, 2013
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    to the rider on the blue GSX 500 today 3 lanes across the wrong way, please give yourself an uppercut. today 1:15pm Saturday with you heading north....

    my mate ahead in this video said he was nearly on the left barrier to left of the white line, with you 3 lanes across missing him by half a metre.
    i come on the scene 20 seconds later and find you across the double lines in the middle lane.

    better than an uppercut, please keep riding the old pacific highway and let me know when you are there. we can have a chat for riding like this. video below


  2. What a moron.
  3. This is why I avoid the old road at weekends, you'd think that with the fatalities there this year, people would stop to think.
    Edit : just realised I'm too naive.
  4. Wow.. I love the Old Rd but I am always worried about this kind of shit on the weekends... he must have gotten to where he wanted to be minutes earlier.. so worth the risk o_O
  5. Shit, if you can't get around those (rather easy) corners without using all the available road to negotiate the bend, book yourself in a cornering and dynamics improvement course and/or slow down. That dude is simply inviting a head-on! HayabusaGlenn and his wife were wiped out very close to the location shown in the video by a red Daytona in similar circumstances.
  6. I really wonder what is the thought process of morons like this? To make a huge error that could have easily cost you your life + others (sounds more like gross incompetence than an error), but then continue to stay on the wrong side of the road and overtake on doubles for 20 seconds afterwards?!

    To think of how many cars I see drive all the way up the hill to PITS in the RH lane for no reason at all... hopefully this guy quits riding before he ends himself or others in the perfect storm which is just around the next bend.
  7. That's a LAMS bike isn't it? Suzuki GSX650F maybe.
  8. The moments after a big moment are probably some of the most dangerous for most of us mortals. We're not thinking clearly, or we're thinking too much about what happened, etc. You have no way of knowing if this rider always overtakes like this or if he was just still riding the crazy rush from whatever happened a few corners back.
  9. I know a glenn with a Hayabusa. Is Erryn his wife? If it's the same people I never heard about the crash.
  10. Knowing what happens on that road i'm always astounded by the 'fast' guys coming up the hill doing the same thing! It takes one mistake from someone coming down and running wide - and we've all seen it to some degree.
    I ALWAYS stick to the left hand side lane on the up, simply because of that reason.
  11. Doesn't look like it was a mistake, at least he didn't run wide - it was on a straight by the look of it.

    Seems like the rider was running late for his job interview and couldn't sit behind the car so had to overtake over double(?) solid.

    Many riders do overtake that way, but it sounds like he did it in the corners too and also with the oncoming traffic, which is dickeadish and dangerous.
    (I don't have a problem with safe overtaking on solid lines).

    Also the rider following him could be doing similar stuff since he wasn't far behind. Is it sort of "culture" on that road or what?

    Correct me if I'm wrong (don't know that road). Just poorly my impression from the video, so don't be hard on me :)
  12. Dnagir, check out youtube Mate, there's plenty of vids of the Old Road that basically cover the whole distance. It's a long road, two main sections of twisties, with nice curves and several straights inbetween (like on the vid). It is a fantastic road to ride, but inherently dangerous for the uninitiated/ stupid/ inexperienced/ cocky or just plain unlucky.

    It looks as though the guy is over the doubles on the previous bend when OP's ride buddy was hard left, and he stays over the doubles passing OP.

    I have no issue either on doubles, but there's a time and a place.
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  13. Yup, about 18 months ago if I remember correctly. Wrote his bike off but he replaced it with another Hayabusa. The Daytona rider managed to whack two bike riding south up towards PIE and then pin himself under the railing.
  14. the guy was 3 lanes across originally ( the far left lane or lane 1 ), then got back to the middle lane by the time i got there.

    better version of video here

  15. Maybe he's from the US or Europe and got confused......
  16. I can't comment on where the rider was with reference to your friend ahead...neither can you, because what the guy did when riding past you in the opposite direction wasn't really that big of a deal was it?

    Yeah, I know he's across the double white lines, but does that effect you?, since you are what appears to be a lane and a half away from him...So why were you blowing your horn?...it was not a danger to you in any way that I could see.
    (remember...at that time, you didn't know what had happened to your mate).
    The only thing I can see is the issue of the double lines. While it is horrorfyingly illegal, you were not anywhere near harms way..

    I don't get it.
  17. He can comment on where the rider was in relation to his friend as I am pretty sure they would have had a good conversation about it.

    And in essence you are condoning riding on the wrong side of the road providing you don't hit someone.
  18. To me it looks like there was some luck that nothing happened.

    Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.23.06 PM.

    I doesn't appear to me that the rider of suzi would be able to make it back into his lane if the OP would be riding in the right lane.
  19. Look at the pic in the first post, he had over a car length to get back in when the OP arrived. Would have been close and shit scary though.

    The vid looks like an overly aggressive overtake to me, but not something that unusual for a riding road.