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{Moved from General} Who uses titanium fasteners?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tankslap, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hey, I've come across this place plenty of times along my google searches so I figured I'd finally sign up and get amongst it instead of just lurking lol.

    Anyway, I did a bit of a search on here but didn't really see much info on here for titanium bits. Does anyone here use titanium fasteners on their bike? track bike, street, dirt etc.

    And do you just use em for bling or are you using em for function? (weight, stronger material, pre drilled for safety wire etc). I'm just curious to know how they actually hold up over time from real life experience, and if they're worth the hype?

    It seems like they're getting a bit cheaper to buy, but there's nothing out there to suggest the longevity or issues with em :/

  2. Head on over to the Welcome thread and introduce yourself before asking questions, this thread will likely get locked by a mod if you don't.
  3. ^^ wants to be Justus Mk2.0
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  4. done and done. thanks for the heads up, normally on other forums i just jump straight into it and i would of posted it in the general part of the other forums i'm on.

    any way, guessing this thread is still cool to be open?
  5. I have a couple of titanium bolts on my race bike which are pre drilled for lock wiring and in the case of my sump plug it has a magnet on it too. I get all my stuff from pro-bolt. Very expensive, I only buy titanium if they don't make what I want in steel/alloy etc.

  6. Something to consider with titanium - any fastener whose torque value is critical should remain with original material. Titanium will not stretch in the same way as steel or stainless, so torque values will change. This has the potential to end in catastrophic mechanical failure if the wrong type of fastener material is blindly used in the wrong location.

    Weight saving - are you saving much? I'd be interested to know the true saving on a common bike. Perhaps a couple of kilos I would imagine - if that.

    Pre-drilled for safety wiring - now that is sensible. Some fasteners are imperative to be wired.

    Strength - if fastened to the correct torque values, strength of factory fasteners is not a common problem. If it is and you swap to a stronger material, then you risk the integrity of the surrounding casting (etc) as it may not be strong enough to cater to the increased forces being applied.

    Now....if you were talking solely about looks. Wanted titanium simply for the "bling" factor on a road bike then - while its not something that interests me personally - I would understand your question. For many bikes, replacement fastener kits are available online from a number of outlets in a variety of materials. They are cosmetic dress up kits though, and I would not rely on them for competition use.
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  7. If you're after weight savings, I'm pretty sure changing your lead acid battery to something like a Shorai battery will save at least twice the weight of changing every bolt on your bike to titanium - and at a fraction of the cost!
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  8. If you did a full fastner change to as much as possible in Ti, I'd be surprised if you'd save more than 300-400 grams off the whole bike.

    I swapped to a full ti race system on my bike, now that would've saved a few kg and the lithium battery aswell as someone mentioned above. I got the exhaust second hand for a bargain btw, I'm not made of money