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{Moved from General} What tyres should I buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Booki, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. The time has come...I need a set of tyres.

    Looking at purchasing from Rocky Mountain atv (unless somebody knows better)

    What tyres would you recommend?

    I only ride in the rain if i HAVE to - ie caught in it like a dud
    I only commute when its a nice day
    I ride on nice day's through the hills
    2001 R6

  2. Round ones.
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  3. I was hoping to get square ones, but guess ill settle for round
  4. Which oil do you use?
  5. Olive Oil mostly
  6. Theres often a few choices within brands for you bike. Do you need something more sporty, or something with longer tyre life? Do you or will you do track days? I recommend staying with the well known brands like Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Metzler, I think Avon mostly make tyres for Cruisers, not sports bikes. Stay away from those specials and cheap tyres that come up on ebay, they are an unknown quanlity. My preference goes to Dunlop or Pirelli, but I've heard good things about Michelin also. Go with the size that the manufacturer recommends, don't play around with different aspect rations or widths, as this may change the bikes geometry and cause handling issues.
  7. Was going to stick with the factory sized tyre.

    Just a general "all rounder" - something good for the roads, but can handle the twisty's/track day. Probably something slightly more suited to sports over the commuter if I had to choose.
  8. I have found round ones work the best.
  9. Given you live in Melbourne you don't ride much do you?

    What is on the bike now? Did you like them? If so, buy them. If not, go to the Michellin/Pirelli/Bridgstone/Dunlop etc websites, go to the Motorcycle area, type in your make and model and they will tell you what they suggest is best for your bike.
  10. Ha ha yeah...melbourne weather has been a bit bipolar lately.

    Well the tyres that are on it now, were border line RWC so I don't know if they are good to go off. They are not very confident inspiring thats for sure. Just feels like it could go at any moment.

    So open to pretty much anything!

    Will check out the sites
  11. What do you mean lately. I lived down there from the early 70's until the early 90's, the it hasn't changed. The one thing about Melbourne weather is if you don't like it, wait 30 minutes it'll change.
  12. D211s. Walk home if it starts to rain.
  13. I could recommend the Pirellis on my bike now, but they're not made anymore. I'm going to buy the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II (2) for replacements. I've had over 9,500 k's out of the OE tyres. As long as I get at least 8,000 ks out of a set I'll be happy. I've heard good reports for the Michelin Pilot 3's and also the new Pirelli Angel GT's for long mileage. Probably expect about 15,000 ks out of the Angel GT.
  14. I've used Pirelli Rosso Corsas and Bridgestone BT016. Seem to be called hypersport tyres. Both would do you. Not the longest life but they stick once you get a bit of heat into them.
    Pirellis tip in a bit quicker but the bridgies seem more stable. Think the new bridgies are S20?
    If you want life they both have sport touring tyres. Angels or BT023. Also used them on my old bike and they are good. BT023's are now T30 or something.
  15. Repost the question in TYRES rather than general discussion and maybe, just maybe you'll get proper responses. :) too much rubbish to clean up and transfer
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