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{Moved from General}Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, May 7, 2011.

  1. Brand spanking new Sprint ST. When I stop smiling I will write up in the other thread why I chose the Sprint of the VFR. I picked it up at 2.30pm and by the time all the final paperwork and run down was finished it was 3.30. Took it out for a good hour and half putting along the water front. Cant take it over 3500rpm until I have done 200kms. Managed to rack up 70kms so far.

    I decided to keep the GS500F for now. I really dont want the new bike getting banged up by knobheads in town who think they can fit their old shitter in the 20cm space between my bike and the next blokes. Plus the GS500 tires are already like car tires from doing the straight line commute each day. Not to mention that I just could not let go of a near new gs500 for the price the dealers would offer me for trade.
  2. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Congrats, nice bike , enjoy
  3. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    I love reading about people's new bikes; it's the closest I'll ever come to having one, great vicarious enjoyment.

    of course, it goes without saying, pictures or it never happened :LOL:
  4. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Lucky bastid.......... congrats mate
  5. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Congrats TRA! Photos mate :D. Loved it when i rode it!
    The one i was after sold before i had chance to blink!
    Hunting one down in melb via a friend tomorrow ;).
  6. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Thanks guys. I am stoked. I will take some photos tomorrow, was dark by the time I got home tonight. Would have kept riding but had my tinted visor on and to many bugs to keep it open!
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    By the way, "her" not "it". :)
  8. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Nice im leaning towards either this or the ninja 1000 when im off my p's
  9. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!


    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    so looking forward to seeing some pics of the sexy lady!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Congrats mate. Can't wait to see the piccies.
  11. Re: Well I ended up buying the trumpy!

    Its pretty hard to take pictures when you cant get off the bike :D :D

    I will take some today. Need to update my facebook avatar with the new machine.
  12. Sprint ST was definitely in the hunt if I ever gave up the 9R... however for me the new Ninja 1000 has taken the lead.

    Enjoy your new bike. 'Gratz :)
  13. Finally took a pic. Will get some better ones when I have some spare time. Wont be home now for a week.

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  14. Niiiiiiice
    I like it. Happy days on that one.
  15. oh she gorgeous :D well done!
  16. (y)
    Well done indeed.
  17. Jealous.