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{Moved from General} Victoria Scooter Learner Permit

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mark Shaffery, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys

    I'm new to this forum so i apologize if this has already been discussed.

    I'm doing my 1 day course learners permit on Sunday and wondered if anyone knew what was involved in the Practical Test? (The riding part)

    and how Hard or Easy is it?

    Thanks Guys
    Mark :)
  2. Hi,

    Couple of quick notes

    1. Pop into the welcome lounge and introduce yourself
    2. What state are you in? This would help us direct you to the right info Edit sorry missed the Vic bit in the thread title
    3. Search is your friend

  3. Exercise 1 – Operation of Controls
    Without riding the motorcycle, the applicant has to operate all the controls such as indicators, lights, horn, on/off fuel tap, etc. without looking at them.
    Exercise 2 – Left Turn and Normal Stop
    The exercise tests the applicant’s control while turning left, using brakes and stopping judgment. He/she has to take off the motorcycle without stalling, change the gear to 2nd, follow the trail to the left, show indicators, complete the turn, slowing down and stopping where indicated.

    Exercise 3 – Slow Ride
    It determines the applicant’s ability to maintain a steady balance while riding slowly, almost at walking page, and control over the clutch and throttle.

    Exercise 4: Right Turn and Quick Stop
    This exercise tests the control while turning to the right and braking suddenly. When indicated, apply both the brakes after turning right and stop within 7 meters.
  4. Depends on how much you have ridden before. Never ridden - hard, especially the slow ride. Ridden before - easy. In my opinion, the License test was harder than the learners. Mind you, I also had 3000k's under the belt for the License test in retrospect.
  5. Ok cool thanks guys

    Yea it was the slow ride i was worried about as i have very little experience on a scooter.
  6. The place you're doing your test should have regular bikes to use if you prefer. You'll get plenty of practice first. I'd never ridden before and didn't have any trouble.
  7. Being an absolute newbie to riding (dont even driving a manual car) so I decided to get my road confidence on a scooter first then head back to learn to ride a real bike once I'm off my P's. I'll use my scooter to commute to work and get a cheap LAMs bike for weekend/enjoyment riding...then upgrade both (or get a third..which seems to be the norm) once I get the basics under control.

    Horses for courses. I am super caution, and my wife advised my superannuation death benefit isn't high enough yet (even to cover the hitman in case I don't do a good enough job ;) ).
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  8. http://ridetek.com.au/courses-list/learner-permit-course/ Here is a website with animated versions of the exercises.

    Well I found it really hard to learn how to ride so didn't find the Learners test that easy and I was not comfortable going on the road after it. It is designed so that you can pass with zero experience and I did pass so I guess it's not actually that hard :)
  9. Scooters are dangerous.
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  10. True, scooters are dangerous...hence why mine has three wheels ;P
  11. Depends on the scooter, my Burgman is rock solid
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