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{Moved from General} [Vic] Mechanic, Essendon area?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Biker Fred, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Went for a longish ride on the w/e ears are starting to hurt (i do wear ear plugs). My Falco (V Twin) sounds grouse but probably too grouse in that its very loud. It has Madazz mufflers which are flow through. As much as i love the sound i need to consider installing a baffle. Anyone out there know who does this work? If there is Netrider mechanic everyone uses in the Essendon type area, homie / whatever would be good.
    Biker Fred

  2. Starting to hurt with earplugs?
  3. Loud is fine for half hour rides but when you're out for 5 hours starting to get a bit much.
  4. That is surprising - Ear plugs and a full face helmet I assume?
    Perhaps see a ear doctor?
  5. I'd go as far as saying that beast sounds almost awgazmick! :playful: And you only had 1 pipe on at that time! Roll on november!!! Sorry I can't help you with the baffles Fred.
  6. 5 hours is bugger all. I'm more surprised you can hear the bike that well if your earplugs are installed correctly.
    Mine has a full Arrow 3 into with no cat and a straight through slip on. Its definitely not legal. I have no such issues with noise on any ride regardless of distance or hours travelled with earplugs in. That goes for my previous bikes too which had after market exhausts. Now without earplugs, that's another matter all together. 5 minutes is about all I can put up with.
  7. I agree with Craig. My Ducati is also pretty noisy with unbaffled Staintunes. I ensure that I wear my ear plugs every ride. They are just foam squidgies, but inserted properly, there is no problems riding for 5+ hours at a time.
  8. my bike is hella loud but with earplugs 12 hr rides are fine, though the extremely high pitched cam noise does get stuck in your head after the really long rides.

    Take a look at differnt brands of earplugs imo, cheaper and easier than getting work done and ordering baffles etc. There are many recommendations on here do a search around.
  9. Hey man, You've got Raceway Suzuki up the top end of Keilor Road or Bikes Plus at the opposite end near Mt Alex Rd.
    I think just for an Exhaust baffle or similar u might be better trying a car exhaust or engineer shop in airport west...heaps in that area could prolly knock sumthing up for you
  10. Thanks for the tip Jerry
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